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10 Tips How to choose Good Web Developer

This is one of the most challenging tasks to choose the person who has the ability to convert your idea into actual software i.e., a good developer. Many people say that it is extremely hard to find a great programmer if you are not from that background. But it is possible when you follow this blog until the end. The software created by a developer reflects his experience, creativity, and a way of thinking. So, your thought process while selecting a developer should be clear. The developer is the valuable asset of your business as they represent your company. Many service-based companies often don’t realize that they made the wrong decision in selecting the employee until something went wrong.

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”- Martin Fowler.”


Here are  10 most important things you should consider while choosing web developers:

1. Good technical skills

Many hiring managers make a mistake that they hire a developer from the checklist of requirements. Instead of taking an account of their technical skills. A developer should have the knowledge of new as well as old programming languages. He must aware of the technical terms of every language. A developer should possess impressive technical skills which will benefit your business in reaching goals.

2A positive attitude

the developer should have the positive attitude toward the role as well as the company. It will benefit him as well as the company in communicating and understanding the project guidelines. Attitude is the thing which is noticed in every field whether you are a developer, designer or a marketer.It reflects the human personality that how he deals with the situation.

3. Great communication skills

The developer should have good communication skills. Many times a developer has to communicate with the client for project related tasks at that time developers communication skills are judged by his way of talking to the client. He must have fluent English because most of the time developer has to deal with foreign clients.

4. Quick learning ability

Good developers are usually amazing and self-learners. They have the ability to learn new technologies on their own and not afraid to adopt new technologies. They have the ability to deal with complex problems with ease. Every programmer has to face such a situation where he or she doesn’t know the answer. The quality of good programmers is that they will definitely overcome the difficulty, they talk to their seniors and find the solution. The best skill a great developer can have is the skill of self-learning and they have mastered in it.

5. Broad technical experience

Great developers have worked with a handful of technologies long enough to become experts and give competition to many. Finding a good web developer who has worked on a product similar to your product is a challenge. The right programmer for your business will be experienced because of they aware of the right technologies. They will follow the programming standards and will create code that is clear and easy to understand and properly commented where necessary and can be passed on to any other easily. By combining their innovative abilities and diverse industry experience, they’re able to reach optimal solutions very easily and quickly.

6. Debugging skill creating

The code is not only the part of a programmer’s job but also to deliver bug-free software. When software doesn’t behave as expected, it is developer’s job to get to the root of the error as early as possible. Instead of spending hours in making changes, search for a developer who carefully investigates his own code and searches alternative path until the is resolved.

7. Ability to handle failures

This is extremely hard to develop a software which is error free. Many times when a developer creates a software which is not up to the mark then it will break down the programmer’s confidence. But hard to find the developer who can handle these kinds of situations. This is one of the main characteristics that a developer should possess. He should learn from his failure and positively move forward to deal with coming challenges.

8. Ability to plan

Coding is just not the role of the developer there is much more which also includes the planning. The developer should have proper planning from the start of the project to the end. Find a developer who has good planning ability for the successful implementation of the project. A great developer first learns about the requirement of the project rather than jump to write the code. He should have known about the project and have proper planning to execute it.

9. A good team player

A good developer must have the ability to cooperate with other teammates to solve their problems. He/she should eager to help others whenever needed. A good developer who play an active part, take the initiative to help make things happen, and they volunteer for assignments. They are always ready to share their valuable knowledge and years of experience. They have the leadership quality to keep other team members informed about the important project details.

10. Respect for deadlines

One can hardly find a project without deadlines. Everything that goes on in project management is related to deadlines. Developers have to complete the project within the boundary of time. They should respect the deadline of the project. It is very much important to fulfill client’s expectations. He expects the delivery of the project within deadlines and with good quality of work. Without quality work, never a project can be called as successful delivery. Both quality work and delivery within timeline complete each other.


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