10 Tips How to choose Good Web Developer

This is one of the most challenging tasks to choose the person who has the ability to convert your idea into actual software i.e., a good developer. Many people say that it is extremely hard to find a great programmer if you are not from that background. But it is possible when you follow this blog until the end. The software created by a developer reflects his experience, creativity, and a way of thinking. So, your thought process while selecting a developer should be clear. The developer is the valuable asset of your business as they represent your company. Many service-based companies often don’t realize that they made the wrong decision in selecting the employee until something went wrong.

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”- Martin Fowler.”


Here are  10 most important things you should consider while choosing web developers:

1. Good technical skills

Many hiring managers make a mistake that they hire a developer from the checklist of requirements. Instead of taking an account of their technical skills. A developer should have the knowledge of new as well as old programming languages. He must aware of the technical terms of every language. A developer should possess impressive technical skills which will benefit your business in reaching goals.

2A positive attitude

the developer should have the positive attitude toward the role as well as the company. It will benefit him as well as the company in communicating and understanding the project guidelines. Attitude is the thing which is noticed in every field whether you are a developer, designer or a marketer.It reflects the human personality that how he deals with the situation.

3. Great communication skills

The developer should have good communication skills. Many times a developer has to communicate with the client for project related tasks at that time developers communication skills are judged by his way of talking to the client. He must have fluent English because most of the time developer has to deal with foreign clients.

4. Quick learning ability

Good developers are usually amazing and self-learners. They have the ability to learn new technologies on their own and not afraid to adopt new technologies. They have the ability to deal with complex problems with ease. Every programmer has to face such a situation where he or she doesn’t know the answer. The quality of good programmers is that they will definitely overcome the difficulty, they talk to their seniors and find the solution. The best skill a great developer can have is the skill of self-learning and they have mastered in it.

5. Broad technical experience

Great developers have worked with a handful of technologies long enough to become experts and give competition to many. Finding a good web developer who has worked on a product similar to your product is a challenge. The right programmer for your business will be experienced because of they aware of the right technologies. They will follow the programming standards and will create code that is clear and easy to understand and properly commented where necessary and can be passed on to any other easily. By combining their innovative abilities and diverse industry experience, they’re able to reach optimal solutions very easily and quickly.

6. Debugging skill creating

The code is not only the part of a programmer’s job but also to deliver bug-free software. When software doesn’t behave as expected, it is developer’s job to get to the root of the error as early as possible. Instead of spending hours in making changes, search for a developer who carefully investigates his own code and searches alternative path until the is resolved.

7. Ability to handle failures

This is extremely hard to develop a software which is error free. Many times when a developer creates a software which is not up to the mark then it will break down the programmer’s confidence. But hard to find the developer who can handle these kinds of situations. This is one of the main characteristics that a developer should possess. He should learn from his failure and positively move forward to deal with coming challenges.

8. Ability to plan

Coding is just not the role of the developer there is much more which also includes the planning. The developer should have proper planning from the start of the project to the end. Find a developer who has good planning ability for the successful implementation of the project. A great developer first learns about the requirement of the project rather than jump to write the code. He should have known about the project and have proper planning to execute it.

9. A good team player

A good developer must have the ability to cooperate with other teammates to solve their problems. He/she should eager to help others whenever needed. A good developer who play an active part, take the initiative to help make things happen, and they volunteer for assignments. They are always ready to share their valuable knowledge and years of experience. They have the leadership quality to keep other team members informed about the important project details.

10. Respect for deadlines

One can hardly find a project without deadlines. Everything that goes on in project management is related to deadlines. Developers have to complete the project within the boundary of time. They should respect the deadline of the project. It is very much important to fulfill client’s expectations. He expects the delivery of the project within deadlines and with good quality of work. Without quality work, never a project can be called as successful delivery. Both quality work and delivery within timeline complete each other.


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5 tools to make your website SEO friendly

Every business needs a good marketing strategy to promote their product or services so it will reach the target audience. If you have a business website and willing to promote on various search engine then you should opt for digital marketing services, it will help your website to rank well in the search engines and your target audience can easily find you.  For internet marketing, there are various tools available which will be beneficial in making your website SEO friendly and marketers can easily optimise their website and can fix the bugs of their website.

Every digital marketer knows the importance of tools that can help them easily perform their everyday tasks. Most of the activities in digital marketing has been completed with the help of tools.

Following are the major tools that every marketer should know.  

1. Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is the product of Google AdWords advertising platform. It allows users to find the list of service-related keywords and analyze them for use in pay-per-click campaigns. The keyword planner is a paid search tool but its data is extremely useful for SEO. Almost all the marketers use keyword planner tool to get the idea of keywords related to the service category, products, and landing pages. With the help of keyword planner, you can identify average monthly search volume for a specific target area.

Benefits of using Google keyword planner

  • It is used to identify and swipe your competitor’s keywords.
  • You can quickly find local keywords on google keyword planner.
  • Tool is very useful for those who are looking for niche markets and other topics to blog about
  • You can create AdWords campaigns in a very simple and easy way.
  • Use it as a guide to creating a base structure for your site.

2.Google analytics

Google analytics is a free web analytics tools which can be accessed by everyone who has google account, it provides statistics and comprehensive analytic of your website and tracks the live activity of users with the proper analytic report this tool also very important for SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) activities.

Google Analytics offers you insights of how users find and use your website. With the help of Google Analytics, you can track ROI for your internet marketing.

You can shift and sort your visitors with many numbers of dimensions. You can seamlessly combine Google Products like your Search Console and Adwords account. You can track and also use tracking codes to tag any advertising, social or PR campaign on any website/platform.

All you have to do is to insert a small amount of “tracking code” on each page of your website. You can track your websites audience, target country and you can also track the goal conversion of your website. Analytics is the only tool which gives you the complete information about your website i.e. it will show the scorecard of your website and it is updated continuously.

Benefits of Google Analytics

  • This tool is free to use
  • You can get updates on your website’s report through emails
  • The major advantage of using this tool is that you can compare your current website’s status to the historical data and can evaluate how your website is working.
  • The data shown by this tool is more accurate than any other tool.
  • It shows the detailed stats of the visitors, in other words, you can see the complete information that via which source users are visiting your website i.e.direct, campaign, referring or by search engine
  • You can track the activity of the users that how much time they are spending on the particular page.
  • You can set the goals on the analytics so that it will give the number of leads that are coming to the website    

   3.Google webmaster 

Google Webmaster is the mechanism through which Google link with the website. This tool applies its algorithms to analyze your website and bring issues related to your website. All the efforts are directed towards users for providing a fast and bug-free website. Webmaster has many features through which we can calculate our site’s running speed and issues related to coding or design portion, some features of webmaster are 

  • HTML improvements
  • Data Markup Helper
  • Removing unnecessary URLs
  • Sitemaps
  • Content Keywords
  • Crawl errors

Through its searching related activities, keyword analysis, data loading activities, and site speed. Google Webmaster Tools offers you the detailed information of your SEO campaign. It has the ability to track every ongoing activities and behavior of your website that provides you perfect direction for your websites.


Semrush is a powerful competitive tool to determine backlinking and keywords ranking according to the search on monthly basis with proper analysis. It is a most important tool for social media marketing and online marketing by the use of it we can optimize the website. Using this tool you can create content according to a targeted audience and add keywords from low to high volume of search at the target region. Main features of semrush are –

  • Organic research
  • Backlinks
  • Advertising Research
  • Display advertising
  • Traffic analysis

Semrush shows you keywords that rank for your websites and the number of searches done for your keywords. This is very important information when deciding which page of your website to optimize on your site or which keywords to target when target audience.

5. GT matrix

GTMetrix is an application which offers a tool to help you analyze and optimize your website. Through this website, you get a free version with some basic

features unlocked, but paid plans are available for users, who have many websites and benefit to your website for analysis, with more targeting options,

more API access, regular URL monitoring, and PDF reports related to your website so you can easily examine it and explain to your developers or clients and make

website user-friendly and responsive. some of the main features are  

  • Get a summary of key performance indicators
  • Track performance with monitoring, graphs, and alerts
  • Test your page from multiple regions
  • Analyze your page on an actual Android device
  • Simulate devices, change screen resolution and more with the Developer Toolkit
  • Playback page loads with videos

GTMetrix is a tool that provides a slew of data that can make website optimization much easier – if you know how to properly utilize the data and implement changes. Also, real-time alerts from scheduled monitoring are used to maintain speed over time, and GTMetrix is very effectively providing these kinds of activities.



Why Your Company Needs An ERP Application

It is always difficult to manage all the processes of an organization in a streamlined manner. As the requirements of the company vary with the type of industry and number of employees. That’s why it is said that contacting the best ERP application development company will provide you with the right solution to manage the large and complex data of your organization in a hassle-free manner. Companies are moving to adopt the ERP application solutions as the need is getting higher to manage the whole massive data effectively. With the strong impact of an ERP system, you can effectively improve the productivity of your organization.

Important reasons for implementing ERP system in your organization

  • Improved operational efficiency

Deploying an ERP application in your company will improve the overall operational efficiency of your organization. If you will get stuck with irritating and complex manual processes, then obviously it will waste your money and time both. No matter what is the size of your company, whether its small or big company, with the strong essence of ERP application, you can operate all the things easily. Therefore, it is important to make use of the best ERP application  in your organization and get all the benefits attached to it.

  • Enhanced communication

With the use of ERP application, you can provide a strong medium of communication in the company and this will obviously result in higher productivity. The ERP system will provide a seamless communication between customers and suppliers to improve internal communication of your organization. This is the reason for rapid communication and response for facing smooth internal communication.

  • Informed management

Staying up-to-date in the organization is the prior need and for this, an informed management architecture plays an important role. There are so many departments in an organization and that’s how ERP system does its work. An ERP consultant can help the organization to get huge profits in many different ways. As they have full knowledge about the ERP system and knows how and where its use comes.

  • Improved performance management

An ERP application is responsible for manage every complex task of an organization and provides an effective way to deal with it. It takes care of all types of employees like from the senior level to junior level staff. When it comes to performance management then the ERP system is responsible for handling different tasks of an organization and empowers the organization to deliver the best result.

  • Effective inventory and production management

If you are running an organization where inventory and production management is required, in that case, ERP application is the best suit for fulfilling your business requirements. An ERP system is utilized for reducing the complicated tasks and processes that are present in an organization. Knowing the ERP system in deep, you will be able to follow the processes for managing your organizational needs accurately.


Living in the modern era involves staying updated with the essence of the latest application. This calls for adopting ERP system in your organization that will be used for handling all types of complex task in easy ways. NarmadaTech has got full expertise in delivering the best-in-class ERP application based on business needs of clients.



What Is Social Media Optimization And How It Is Beneficial?

There is no doubt that the social media is one of the most amazing creations of the 21st century. Every news even from the farthest region of the world can reach the single person in few minutes with the help of social media.  it can also be considered as the next wave of digital marketing for improving search results of website. Social media optimization is basically referring to the creation of engaging posts that can be shared through different social channels. It is the best medium for businesses to reach their targeted customers in the short period of time.

How Social Media Optimization Can Benefit Your Business?

  • Website visibility: As the major portion of people these days are having their own social media accounts, social media optimization helps you to increase your website visibility on different social networks and interact with your targeted group of audiences.

  • Sharing quick updates: Whether you want to share the latest update of your brand, launch a new product, promote upcoming service or any important information, social media optimization is the best platform in the form of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

  • Creating business contacts: Social media optimization helps businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to create business contacts and share their details as per their preferences.

  • More Traffic: Social media optimization process help to get huge traffic on your website. With proper promotion of your website on different social media channels, your business will get a strong reputation and recognition among all the customers out there. And you can also track your traffic with the help of social media analytics.

In the current technology-based world, every single person is using social media platform for promoting their business. This is the best way through which you can build a strong identity of your business in the market. At NarmadaTech, we have the most capable and innovative digital minds who are doing a great job on the grounds of social media optimization. Our services are cost-effective and reliable to use and get the best result in your business.