Why Social Media Analytics Is Beneficial For Your Business

If you are using different social networking sites for promoting your business, then it’s important to track all the results. For this reason, social media analytics is used to get all the data like a number of likes, clicks, engagement, shares and all such information. This information is important for understanding that the campaign you are running is effective or need some modification to get the best result. Social analytics will help you in creating different ways to leverage your business by creating effective social media campaign strategies.

Below are some top points that justify why social media analytics is beneficial for your business

  • Strong engagement with your targeted audience group

At times it happens that different business keeps thinking about the brand engagement and targeted audience group. But with the use of social analytics, you can get all the information about your social media platforms that how much traffic, engagement you are getting from the targeted audience group. This information can be found by using social analytics tool. You should make full use of social media analytics tool for getting all the required information which is useful for improving your social media campaigns.

  • Monitor your competitors

Tracking your competitors will add extra benefit in staying ahead from your competitors. As everybody is making full use of social media platforms it is important to stay unique in the market for getting client attention. There is a huge competition in the market and this is the reason which calls the demand for using social analytics for monitoring your competitors.

  • Identification and engagement with your customers

The most important thing that is essential for business owners to focus on is to find the engagement of your targeted customers. If you are using special media platforms for the purpose of promoting your business, it is highly essential to make use of social media analytics tool for keeping the track of your customers and different brand advocates. Monitoring your social media sites will make you aware of the current state of your campaign so that if something is not going right then you can make the necessary changes.

  • Keep an eye on the evolving industry changes

In such an evolving era, it is very important to stay up-to-date with the current industry changes to keep your business competitive. Whatever is your targeted business theme, you just have to stay competitive in your business area. This will definitely help you in getting good profits in your business and you will able to attract more and more audience to your website. With the help of social analytics, you can track everything that you are showing by running an effective social media campaign.

  • Enhanced customer bonding

In today’s time, social media platforms are the fastest platforms for doing instant and effective communication. You should respond to your customer as soon as you get any type of complaint or even appreciation from their side. This will make your good image and in this manner, you can reach as many clients as you want to and can explore your business worldwide.


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What is Website Audit and Why it is important?

The website audit is the best thing one will ever perform to understand all the lacking points of their website. If your website is not performing well online, then it might be possible that you are lacking somewhere to grab user attention. A website audit process will help in understanding all the negative or improving points of your website. By doing this, you can enhance the performance of your website and get good results on the search engine result page.

Here are some top benefits of having a website audit

1. Increase Conversion Rates
Website audit takes so much of time in analyzing the real cause of not getting the result on your website. There are so many things come under website audit like checking the top landing pages, the design, the content, call-to-action buttons and many more. Examining all such things takes months to understand where exactly you are getting the right response. This is the way from where you can increase your conversion rates.

2. Enhance Your Organic Search Visibility
Keywords play an important role in increasing the online visibility of your website on the search engine result page. If you are aiming to improve your organic search visibility, it is important to understand the SEO process and make a proper plan to execute a streamline SEO process. By following the best SEO practices, you can take your website on the top position of the search engine. Website audit will help to find out the lacking SEO tactics which are stopping your website to get a solid traffic.

3. Strong and Unique Content
A proper and deep website audit will check the things properly as you will get to know everything about your websites like bounce rate, page views, search engine indexing, traffic, and more such. Having a high-quality and unique content helps a website to make a good impression on the search engine as well as attracts a large user base to visit your website. The website content audit process will help to analyze the reasons for which your content strategy is getting affected.

Website Audit

Well, there are so many things that one needs to consider in the whole website audit process. If you are a business owner and have a website to represent your business, then you must improve the ranking of your website to shine on the search engine. For knowing all the positive and negative points about your website, plan a proper website audit process and make your website more visible on all search engines. NarmadaTech is a leading Digital Marketing Agency having years of expertise in handling diverse projects based on SEO, SMO and PPC and whole digital marketing process. Our digital marketing experts are highly qualified and skilled in managing all types of processes that meet user expectations. If you are looking for the website audit service, then our team can provide you with the best-in-class services that will satisfy your needs.


Gmail 2018 update: Read more to know new features and how to get them


Gmail is the most popular email and recently, made massive official changes with an impressive visual redesign on the web. The new Gmail has rolled out globally and indicated that it won’t be available for all users but the invitations will be sent to opt in rather than being able to do it by themselves. The lead product manager of Gmail says that “the redesign was done to make people productive and safe.” It seems that the series of changes made by Google has a complete distinct sense and going to be treated more like customers of Google business, which is not at all a bad thing.

Here is everything you should know about the latest update

The update is primarily for the web version of email service and brings features of artificial intelligence and security. Are you curious to know what is new with Gmail?

    • Major redesigning – Gmail has been revamped totally and got a complete new look. Starting from Compose to sidebar of Gmail, everything is changes. Even there is a new bar on the right side for add-ons. Now, you can even click attachments sent in mail without opening the thread. And guess what, snooze feature in email!! Yes, you can hover over your messages to RSVP or archive or snooze mails. It is estimated by Google that Snooze feature can save over 100 million opens every month.
    • Confidential mode – It lets you create an expiry date for emails and you can also add two-factor authentication to ensure that the recipient access the email.

Gmail Confidential

    • Information rights – There are so many new controls to let you limit the activities of email recipients on your message. These controls are called as “Information rights Management”. You can remove the options of copy, forward, print, download in your message. It allows to secure your messages from being shared for wrong purposes.
    • AI integration – Finally, Google’s AI has been leveraged by Gmail. Gmail can remind you for responding to messages and with smart reply, you can respond to emails by using the auto responses. High-priority notifications are also shown with the help of AI and Gmail can also smartly recommend you to unsubscribe from mailing listing considering the number of emails sent by sender and your reading rate.
    • Tasks, add-ons and integrations – There is new side panel in the inbox of Gmail that allows to quickly create, edit or reference invites of Calendar or write notes. The third-party business apps can also be accessed easily through new side panel. Also, manage to-do-list in Tasks by creating tasks, subtasks and add notifications for due tasks. Still not enough.! Drag and Drop an email to Tasks to create a to-do and it will appear in your calendar.

Gmail Tasks

  • Security warnings – Google has identified the Business Email Compromise threats, when someone tries to impersonate to gain confidential information. For better prevention of phishing, Gmail warn users about the suspected email and recommend to move these type of messages to spam, that provides clear call to action.

How to get the new Gmail?

  • For Personal Gmail accounts – Login to your Gmail and click the gear icon in the top right corner. If the update option is available for you, you will be able to see the option “Try the new Gmail”.
  • For S Suite accounts – Ask admin to enable new Gmail on G suite account. The admin needs to go to the Admin console and allow users to access new Gmail. After this option is turned on, the user will get option of “Try the new Gmail” under Settings.

Top Benefits Of Using Accounting Application In Your Organization

Accounting application is getting a huge response from all types of industries present in the marketplace. If you are facing many complexities in managing you’re the accounts section of your company, then you must start using a financial accounting system application. Using the most effective accounting application, you will able to streamline the whole complex account part of your organization in an easy manner. We all are very well aware of the evolving technological trends in today’s era and this is the reason that now every industry is using accounting application for handling all the accounting activities.

  • It will save your lot of time

Accounting application will save your lot of time as compared to the old manual bookkeeping work. Having the full essence of a computerized accounting package, all the business documents and back-end transaction recordings are done simultaneously. It is obvious that whenever you are using accounting application, there will remain no manual work as everything will be managing in the application and that too with the accurate precision.

  • Financial monitoring

If we talk about manual accounting, then the whole accounting work is managed in the financial year when all the records will get prepared for the tax assessment process. But using the top online accounting application, you can streamline and maintain the financial records easily and create the reports based on your financial records. The accounting application helps the organization to resolve big finance issues which can make big problems if not taken seriously.

  • Cash management flow

We all know that accounting application is highly beneficial for managing all the cash flow of the organization in a smooth and secure manner. Monitoring your cash management flow will help you in keeping a track of your current as well as your future cash flow. No matter you are running a small or big organization, the important thing is to take care of the cash management flow and accounting application has full potential in handling the whole flow of the cash.

  • Minimize accounting errors

It is obvious that manual accounting will increase the chances of getting errors in the calculation. To avoid errors or mistakes in your accounting process, you should use accounting application that will automatically calculate everything accurately. If you are in the need to make detailed invoices, then accounting application will help you in preparing invoices based on specific items. You just have to select the items for invoicing, put the required data and the remaining thing will be done by the accounting system.

  • Data accuracy

Whether you are running a startup or a huge enterprise, it is important to keep the accurate information of your all the financial data. There are so many accounting application providers available in the market but among all of them, you have to choose the best one for fulfilling your account management need. With the use of accounting application, you can easily manage account related information without making any error. Make sure that you are contacting the best company to get the most effective accounting system that will streamline your account processes.

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How You Can Leverage Your Business from Mobile App Development


In today’s era, the global mobile space is gaining incredible popularity with a wide variety of mobile applications that are making their presence to the great extent. To thrive in this vast economic environment, businesses need to get on to the bandwagon while getting introduced with highly functional and fast-paced multi-channel challenges for their targeted audience. With the expanding reach of digital platforms and mobile applications, businesses have taken a paradigm shift towards digitization and social media applications. The integration of mobile applications has truly complimented the positives offered by digital platforms and fulfilling the demands of this mobile savvy generation.

If you are also a business, selling an extensive range of products, having apps to advertise your business can help you to generate more leads while building strong customer relationships. thus, it can say that the mobile application development is associated with influencing human to machine interaction that bring your business to the next level.

Ways to Leverage Your Business from Mobile App Development

  • Connect Better with Customers: As around 2.6 billion people use highly-featured mobile devices, having your own mobile application helps you connect better with your customers. you can serve and stay connected with your customers through a solid mobile presence.
  • Boost Sales: With the increase in customer satisfaction, the graph of sales also increases. Also, when these satisfied customers give positives reviews about your products, the consumer demand grow unexpectedly that lead to great returns on your investment.

Boost Sales through mobile app

  • Ease and Convenience: Professional mobile apps for business marketing provides you with the ease and convenience of sharing your business information while promoting your services and products at any time and anywhere.
  • Affordable Access: You can easily have an affordable access to the extensive repository of information such as videos, e-catalogs, media files and much more online accessibilities.
  • Stand Out of the Crowd: One of the best advantage business can get through mobile app development is uniqueness. With a unique and interactive mobile app development, businesses can make their new pathway and stand out from the crowd.

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How AI Will Transform Your Business in 2018

In today’s time, technology is evolving at a rapid rate and daily new concepts are getting involved with different businesses. It is our responsibility to walk with current technology trends and adapt them in your business. By doing so you will able to keep your business updated as per modern technology advancements. Artificial Intelligence in the business world is taking a huge hype as business owners are involving more and more in this technology to grow their business all over the world. AI and machine learning are getting huge importance in the business world to sustain a competitive edge.

Let’s See How Artificial Technologies in Business Are Making Its Impact



  • AI Is Exploring the Sales Team

Artificial Intelligence help sales team to view the real-time statistics about the revenue generation just to keep a constant watch on the figure. The role of the sales team is highly important as it is the most important part of any business. There are different types of AI tools that support in comparing different strategies and doing planning for a closing of any deal successfully. Using different types of AI platforms, you can analyze different aspects to judge the success of your business. In this manner, with the use of AI tools, the sales team will improve the way of working and can make more productive growth for providing huge success to your business.

  • Ability to Provide Marketing Support

Artificial Intelligence in business is playing a vital role as it has all the features to meet the business requirement. With AI, you can find the right audience as per your business theme. It is very important for business owners to target the right audience for getting a good response. Artificial Intelligence has full capability to provide a medium to different owners in finding the right set of audiences as per their business. The ability of this platform lies in finding the right strategies and right audience for improving the business growth and revenue. That’s why it has been said that AI is the new future which is evolving in every sector providing huge benefits.

  • AI Is Increasing Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the most important concern of every workplace. It has been analyzed that more than 60% of employees are not happy at their workplace. Employees are the real fortune any company has and that’s why it is important to engage employees to increase the productivity of the company. Artificial Intelligence has invented chatbots for providing an easy and flexible communication way to internal employee team. Using the effective AI tools and communication mediums, you can boost employee communication and engagement for the betterment of the company. AI is helping every single sector to improve the inner strength and gain massive profit in their business areas.


Artificial Intelligence is the most trending technology which is getting a wider scope in almost every industry sector. AI has all the capabilities to explore its reach across different business areas. You can benefit your business by adopting new technologies which are emerging every day having exceptional features to benefit your business.