How Canonical Tag Helps Your SEO Efforts and How To Use It?

In today’s world of digitalization, every company wants to deliver the best user experience to their customers through a responsible and easy-to-access website. But, duplicate content can make the search engine confused about the right page to return to the visitor. In such scenario, proper canonicalization makes it easier for the search engine by focusing them on the right pages to return for users. With the help of using canonical tags to your web pages, it becomes easier to have a robust and user-friendly site while employing best practices for search engine optimization.

canonical tag is used to specify the source URL of the given webpage to the search engine. It can declare a single page as its own source when assigning the ranking value of the content while identifying the right page to a user in search engine results. For instance, if you have service that lives at:


but the same service can also be accessed by entering:


Google and other search engines see these as 2 different web pages. Hence, it becomes problematic for the user as search engines cannot identify that which web page is important to return to the user. In addition to this, implementing canonical tags can resolve the issue of the duplicate content which is identified by Google crawling. This can have a broad impact on your SEO practices to improve your website ranking.

How canonical link tag is Treated by Google Bots?

canonical tag

How to use a canonical tag?

If you want to make Google recognize the web page as canonical, you have to add a link tag to the HTML code head. For instance, adding a canonical tag to design www.xyz.com  will look like:

<link rel=”canonical” href=”https://www.xyz.com” />

You have to rinse and repeat for each page of your website that you want to make canonical. CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress can this effort easier and smoother.

As you know that usage of canonical tags is one of the most important parts of SEO and digital marketing. Now, if you want to explore more about canonical URL and related SEO practices to improve your website ranking, then you should contact the expert SEO team of NarmadaTech. By implementing effective SEO strategies, we can help your website get top position on Google search page. Also, we keep you updated towards your project status and welcome your ideas for the completion of the same. We are specialized in SEO services, digital marketing and other promotional services that increase your brand credibility. So, ensure your brand promotion effectively through our services and support.


Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools of 2018

Social media has captured the whole market with its amazing and with this rise, every single person is getting addicted to its usage. It is assumed that around 80% of people are purely indulged in using different social media platforms as per their needs. From the business point of view, social media is making a huge impact on different industries. These social platforms are providing different ways to do promotional activities that will make their business get recognized all over the world.

Here, one important thing comes in the mind i.e. while running different social media campaigns, how to track the result of these campaigns? The answer comes with the name of social media analytics that provides the best way to track the performance of campaigns and see whether they are doing right and expected or not. There are many types of social media analytics tools that business people are using to track the performance of their social media campaigns.

Below is the list of top 5 social media analytics tools of 2018

  • Sprout Social

Every businessman should know how to track their social media campaigns for improving them and getting the desired result. Using Sprout Social media analytics tool, you can track as well as monitor your all types of social campaigns which are running on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and all such in a single platform. Having all the information at one place is very convenient and time-saving process that will help you to compare the result of your efforts across different profiles as well as the platform.

Sprout Social
  • Snaplytics

Snaplytics is used for analyzing the whole data as per the number of snaps present on your campaigns. If we talk about Snapchat, then it comes under such major social networks that provide the least amount of access right to measure the data on the performance basis. Apart from the comment and viewing section, you can collect more data using Snaplytics. Also, Snaplytics has the capability to provide the customers right to get the Instagram stories insight.

Sprout Social
  • Iconosquare

Iconosquare is the best social media analytics tool which is specially used for getting insights into Facebook and Instagram. The best feature about this tool which makes it unique from other tools is that it has the capability to provide the insights of your pictures and videos. Also, this tool helps to get the Instagram stories insights. Iconosquare social media analytics tool is recommended for businesses and brands who are heavily investing in the Instagram marketing.

Sprout Social
  • Tailwind

We all know that Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter are some of the most popular social media platforms worldwide but Pinterest is also considered as the active platform. No matter what is the platform, it is always important to measure the performance of every social media campaign. Tailwind is the most popular third-party analytics tool for Pinterest which helps to get the important insights of the Pinterest platform. Also, you can track the number of followers and customer engagement and analyze the audience for enhancing the whole campaign to work more effectively.

Sprout Social
  • Google Analytics

We cannot call Google Analytics technically a “social media monitoring tool”. With the use of Google Analytics, you can track the performance of your social media campaigns. Also, you can measure your social ROI with the help of Google Analytics tool. You can track how many customers are coming on your website and at what time and from which location, also you can measure traffic on your website using Google Analytics Tool.

Sprout Social

With the growing technology trends of today’s world, it has become an essential task to stay updated and competitive. You must have full knowledge of all the social media analytics tools of 2018 which are mentioned above in this blog. NarmadaTech delivers state-of-the-art social media solutions to take advantage of emerging trend of social networking in every spectrum.


How Cloud Accounting Software Is Making A Difference In Your Business

Running a business in this competitive era has become a complicated task. When it’s about maintaining the whole accounting part of your organization then obviously it’s a complex job. If you are aiming to run your organization smoothly then make use of cloud accounting application and get all the benefits that are attached to it. If you are also thinking to adopt the cloud-based accounting application to run your enterprise accounting department smoothly, then just have a look at the top benefits of cloud accounting application.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Cloud accounting application has a user-friendly, an easy to set-up and manageable interface. It helps all the businessmen to manage everything by themselves even if they are not much aware of all the accounting area. If you also want the best cloud accounting services, then you must contact the leading cloud accounting application development company. It will help your business to keep the accounts part systematic and without any errors.

  • High Security

Security is the biggest concern when it comes about accounting for any business owner. But with the use of the best accounting system, you can face a safe and simple accounting management part of your organization. Having full essence of a cloud-based accounting application, you can enhance the security measures while managing the complex accounts part. In case, your computer crashes or in the worse condition it is hacked, the whole legal and important data will be saved on the cloud server securely. No need to worry as no data will be stored on the local computer.

  • Time Saving Application

The cloud-based accounting application helps in saving your lot of time as well as money by performing effectively. This application has the ability to generate invoices and set reminders for getting proper updates on any type of emergency situations. The whole accounting process occurs very fast and in an easy manner with the use of cloud accounting application. All types of manual accounting work are really hard and complex to manage and requires a lot of manpower. But with the help of cloud accounting application, you can save your manpower as well as get accurate result and management of your accounting with full ease.

  • Access From Anywhere

The cloud-based solutions are playing a vital role in managing the ever-growing remote work. That’s why more and more business owners are adopting the cloud-based accounting application for the ease and speedy work management. You will get a chance to manage your accounts part easily and avoid all the complex and legal part that will be managed by the software itself.

Stay updated in this growing technology-based world and keep your business in the top position by making use of all such technologies. At Narmadatech, we are doing a fantastic job in building the custom cloud-based accounting application to suit clients’ business needs.


Struggling With Powerful Cyber-Attacks? Find The Best IT Security Solutions

These days, many companies are becoming a victim of cyber-attacks, which is an offensive action that targets infrastructures, personal computers, computer information systems, and computer networks. with the help of cyber-attacks, hackers or intruders can steal, destroy or change your confidential data or information systems. As cyber-attacks are becoming more extensive and complicated, it is invincible for companies, regardless of the industry type, size, and location. Not only businesses, many public infrastructures such as airports and hospitals also become a victim of such string cyber-attacks.

To safeguard your business from any hacks, cyber-attacks or any unauthorized access, you should have proper information security management and clear understanding of the types of cyber threats that are limiting you to ensure the security of your data, assets or the entire business. In such a scenario, it is absolutely important for you to have proper IT security measures. If you ignore it, you may lose your sensitive data or the years of efforts and time given by your team on that projects.

Here are the common cyber threats that may put your business into the big risk:


  • IP Spoofing: IP Spoofing is also a common tactic used by attackers to convince the system that it is accessed by a trusted, known entity. The attackers send a packet along with the IP address of a known host instead of sending its own IP source address to act on it.
  • Phishing Attacks: Phishing attacks is one of the common types of cyber threats that are untargeted. In phishing attacks, mass mailing is done to multiple recipients in order to acquire confidential information such as bank details, username, password etc. and for that IT security is important.
  • Weak Credentials: Reusing same credentials on multiple systems makes it simple for hackers or cyber attackers to enter in your infrastructure. Thus, it is always recommended to use strong passwords or credentials to save your assets from being misused or reused.
  • DoS (Denial of Service): These cyber threats happen when a hacker drive traffic on the website more than its capacity. This resulted to costly downtime of users or employees. Attackers use a botnet in DoS that make it daunting to distinguish between malicious and normal traffic.

Some ways to protect your business from cyber threats 

cyber security

NarmadaTech is a one-stop-source to find the best and cost-effective IT security solutions that help you prevent your systems from any hacks, malware, DoS, IP spoofing and viruses. Our IT security solutions will provide different features and accessibility such as automatic notifications, multi-app security, real-time scanning and application activity auditing. Our experts possess years of experience and knowledge to develop user-friendly applications that make your life easier.


How To Use Twitter Analytics For Tracking Social Campaigns

Twitter has become the fastest-growing social media platform which is used by all types of people worldwide. But how you are tracking all the promotion activities which are performed on this platform. Twitter actually has its own Twitter Analytics which is an inbuilt tool and used for tracking the social media activities done by you on this platform. Perhaps it happens that people forget about the existing twitter analytics tool and keeps searching a way to track the customer engagement on the social media campaign.

If you are not aware of the Twitter Analytics tool, then take a look at the data that you can view and measure the customer engagement on your social campaigns.


1. Accessing Twitter Analytics

Using Twitter Analytics is very simple as you just have to visit the website and click on the sign-in button before you enter your normal Twitter details like username and password to use your Twitter account. The data will start for capturing when you will sign-up and not able to see any data right away so that it’s very important to first signed-up immediately.

Twitter analytics 1

When you will get the data, after that you will able to discover a wide range of features and metrics like –

  • Level of engagements
  • Tweet activity
  • Follower stats
  • Location of your followers
  • Demographics of your audience


2. Navigation through the dashboard

After log-in, you will see the home dashboard that will offer a summary of 28 days of your work done on your Twitter profile. The whole summary will help you in knowing the overall information of the number of Tweets that you had posted every month along with the gained total impressions, the number of profile visits and followers and obviously this will increase your Twitter reach. Also, you will get a benefit of scrolling down and viewing the statistics segment for every month that covers –

  • Number of top Tweets based on the key metrics
  • Top mention based on the number of accounts engaged with the real Tweet
  • Top follower based on the number of followers of individual account

The features of the dashboard have the power to make it easy to gain insights and overview of the last 28 days. Also, it allows comparing the whole data performance every month.


3. Tracking engagement for single Tweets

As shown in the below image, click on the “Tweets” tab which is represented on the top side of your profile and termed as the navigation bar. After clicking it, you will able to view the whole insights which are presented on the profile for every single user.

Twitter analytics 3

You will able to see the metrics data which is related to your all Tweets, promoted posts, and replies and all these you will able to see if you are making use of Twitter Ads to boost the impressions.

Every single tab has different data to show

  • Impressions – It shows user data like how much time the user saw the post on Twitter.
  • Engagements – It shows for how much time the user was engaged or interacted with you on your Tweet, covering clicks on links, hashtags, username, profile, replies, tweet, and favorites.
  • Engagement rate – It shows the whole engagement time the user has with you on your Twitter profile which is separated by the total number of impressions.


4. Exporting full data

One of the top features of the Twitter Analytics free tool is its capability to enlarge the range of dates for exporting the data in the CSV file. You can make a proper twitter hashtags analytics by viewing the detailed data. For doing this, navigate your cursor towards ‘Tweets’ and select the range of dates which is present on the right-hand top corner of the page. The default calendar settings allow to see the last 28 days’ data but you can extend the date range or parameters using the sidebar menu options.

Twitter analytics 4

Choose the required date range and set it by clicking the icon which is placed at the top of the page. When you will see the full data in the excel will make it simple to separate and get the data that you need.


Twitter analytics 5

If you are thinking to build a social media report for your business, you must have data that can be export before you analyze the data and metrics and then add in the results. NarmadaTech is doing a fabulous work by delivering the top class digital marketing and analytics services. Track your social media analytics and prepare more effective campaigns for the promotion of your business all over the world.



4 Things You Should Consider While Developing CRM Application For Your Business

Do you want to generate huge revenue for your business while improving customer relationships? If yes, then implementing CRM application at your workplace can meet all your expectations and save your resources, business time and significantly improve your customer service. These days, more and more businesses are deploying CRM application to manage and ensure the security of customers’ personal data.

One of the best advantages of using CRM application in your business is that it helps in improving your business relations with clients and that is the sure indicator of the growth of a company, regardless of the company’s size and type. You can easily build brand loyalty when you make your customers feel valued, respond to their queries and provide them 24/7 support by using CRM application.


How CRM application helps?

CRM application

How to develop CRM strategies for your business?

  • Set Business Goals: Your first step in implementing a CRM strategy framework is to set business goals. Once you identify them, you can easily reach your objectives and ensure increased revenue by a higher percentage every year.
  • Involve Your Employees: Involve your employee in every strategic process of implementing CRM application in your business as they know very well about how to organize customers’ data while integrating new technologies and policies.
  • Track Your Customers: Making a proper CRM strategy makes it possible for businesses to track all the data at each and every stage of the journey of your customers. This will help you to have a clear understanding of what your customer wants and their expectations from your services that match those expectations.
  • List Your Requirements: You should list your requirements that can be fulfilled by a highly-featured CRM application. You should also determine the difference by getting the solutions for your existing problems. This will be the answer for all the CRM strategies for your business.


For businesses, whether a startup or well-established company, implementing CRM application is beneficial for a long-term. We, at NarmadaTech holds years of expertise and knowledge in delivering CRM solutions for all sort of your business. We provide CRM consultation, integration & implementation, extensions, migration and managed services that exceed all your expectations for top-quality CRM application.

Opting for our CRM solutions allows you to get benefit from improved sales performance, enhanced team communication, improved data security, reporting as well as analytical data. Apart from CRM application, our skilled team can also build ERP, HRM, Accounting, social analytics and security solutions at pocket-friendly prices.



How to Launch Paid Marketing Campaign On Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social networking platform now owned by Facebook, Inc. Business owners are moving towards Instagram advertising and adopting the trend of creating new Instagram ads for reaching more and more audiences for the brand promotion need. It has been observed that there are more than 800 million active monthly users on Instagram and among which 65 percent of users come under 30 age group. Instagram has become more and more popular with the growing addiction of using social networking sites among all types of people. More than 2 million companies are using Instagram Ads for reaching the targeted audiences, engaging followers, and promoting their products.



Let’s Understand How to do paid marketing on Instagram? 

Step 1 –

Create your campaign and choose its objective

First, you have to choose an editor for creating your campaign. With the help of different tools, you can create Instagram ads like Ads Manager, Power Editor, Facebook Ads API and more such. After choosing the tool, you have to state all the information regarding your company size, and a number of ads you are planning to run. After selecting the editor as per your Ads need, you will able to view all the campaigns and create a new campaign.

As the below image shows there are many different objectives of the campaign that you have to choose for your campaign. If you want to make your ad eligible to appear on the Instagram platform, you must select a short list. Selecting this option, you will able to name your campaign which is although an important step.



Step 2 –

If you are thinking to start working on Instagram ads, in that case, make sure that you are targeted right audience group. In this step, you will the platform that will let you choose the targeted audience as per your industry type. You can create a custom audience for reaching out to people who are already attached to your business or lookalike audience to reach people who are a valuable audience zone.


Step 3 –

This step differentiates the whole process of setting up ads on Facebook vs. Instagram. To move forward setting up the paid marketing campaign on the Instagram platform, you are required to uncheck the boxes excepting “Instagram”.



Step 4 –

Setting the budget and schedule for the Instagram Ads is the most essential step. You have two options while setting the budget i.e. daily budget or a lifetime budget for setting your campaign.

Daily budget 

The daily budget will set your ad to run throughout the day and the algorithm will run automatically to analyze the per day spending. Don’t forget that the minimum budget for daily ads depends on the type of campaign you are choosing.

Lifetime budget 

The lifetime budget sets your Instagram ads for a defined time and the ads algorithm will judge your overall spending which is defined for the specified period of time.

The other to set your ad budget is by scheduling it. You need to choose when you want to start your campaign and when to finish it. There are different options to set the required parameters for running your ads as per the defined hours in a day or on which days of the week. You can get this scheduling options in the “Ad Scheduling” section.



Step 5 –

In this step, you can make your ad look more creative by choosing different options that are available.

You can choose your format and this from where the whole creativity comes into the picture. You can add different images, slideshows, and videos as per your Instagram Ads need and of course having the pure impact your business brand to promote it effectively. Also, you can choose multiple images and multiple videos in your Instagram Ad by choosing the option.


You will find many different options on Instagram for your Ad 


Step 6 –

Set up your page and link it by connecting your Facebook Page with your Instagram account. Choose the Facebook page on which you want the ads to come from your account, even if you don’t want the ads to run on the Facebook. Click the “Add Account” section for connecting your Instagram account with your Facebook Ad Account.

If you are not having an account on the Instagram platform, still you can run the ads on the Instagram as they will come from the business Facebook Page. Your Facebook Page Name and the Profile Picture will be utilized for representing your business in your ad when it will run on the Instagram.

Add the website URL to drive more traffic, add a headline, create a caption, select a call-to-action button for running the paid campaign successfully. Using the “Advanced Options” section, you can edit the campaign like it contain options like adding tags, entering URL parameters, setting up sponsors, changing your display link and more such.



Step 7 –

This is the final step in which you are ready to place the order as everything is set to go. You just have to click the green button which is present on the justify bottom corner and on which “Place Order” is written.

Check everything before you press the place order button because your ads have huge potential to make a strong impact on a wide range of audience.


Above-defined is the complete process of paid marketing on Instagram. You can benefit your business by running the paid marketing campaign on the Instagram platform. At NarmadaTech, we have the best digital marketing team who is talented and smart enough to handle the whole paid marketing process on different social media platforms.


5 Unknown ERP Application Benefits For Your Business

An organization is always in the need of such an application that will automatically manage all the internal complex processes in a streamlined manner. It’s all up to you how you want to manage the whole workflow of your organization. At first, it is important to understand “What is ERP application?” In simple words, ERP application is utilized for managing the internal as well as external resources of your company in a streamlined manner. All the process of the organization covers managing financial resources, physical assets, materials, and human resources.


Here are 5 unknown benefits of ERP application for your business :


1. Utilization of business data to enhance and toughen security

Modern ERP application is very useful as they offer innovative user-permission settings. As soon as you are done with the ERP implementation in your organization, you will get fully-secured Excel Sheets, and Google Documents for your inventory and financial needs. ERP application is highly secure and robust for managing all such functions of an organization. Users can easily save their data from any unwanted hands and will be able to access only that data which they want from the system.

ERP for business

2. Enhanced data to make fast decisions

With the use of the badly integrated business application system, you can face non-standardized data. All these inaccurate data make all the processes complex and time-taking. If you will use a modern ERP application, then it will come having all the required app integrated into the system. It is very important to represent all the data in a simple way so that the user can read the whole data easily and in a dashboard format.

ERP for business

3. Take your business with you using your Mobile

There are so many ERP vendors who are providing the best native apps based on different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and more such platforms. The app helps to make real-time updations with business KPIs that covers sales, revenues, customer acquisition, web traffic, manufacturing output, etc. Keep your business up-to-date with the essence of mobile app ERP solutions which are purely meant for improving the efficiency of your organization.

ERP for business

4. Identifying enhancements

In today’s time where enterprises are trying to manage their massive data in simple ways, it is important to rely on Business Intelligence. For making the best use of the BI system, it is imperative to use a proper ERP system. With the use of strategic-level BI analysis, you can extract the organizational data from the ERP application and get all the points of your organization’s health and enhancement scope. When you will create a Business Intelligence plan with the proper use of ERP system will save your lot of time in getting fast decisions with accurate data.

ERP for business

5. Revenue generator for employees

Decentralized data arrangement directly affects labor costs for different businesses. ERP systems have huge potential in automating and streamlining daily processes of the organization eliminating employees’ time that will be used for generating revenues. If the ERP system will manage internal business processes, then definitely employees will get more time in doing productive things that will help your organization to get massive profits.

ERP for business

Running an ERP application in your organization will help your organization to get the expected results. If you are also in the need of an ERP application, you must contact NarmadaTech as they have tremendous potential to provide the best ERP application solutions that will help your organization run smoothly.