Winning Strategies For Lead Generation Through Content Marketing

Do you feel lost when you try several ways to generate leads for your business through content marketing? If yes, then it is recommended to follow certain proven content marketing strategies to generate sales while creating buyer personas. In today’s buyer landscape, marketers come to rely on content in order to engage their prospects and customers. With such an increased popularity of content marketing, it is hard to ignore that content is the foundation of all your lead nurturing efforts.

Here are the winning strategies for lead generation through content marketing:

  • Create The High-Value Content: Your marketing campaign can grow faster when you have a solid foundation of data-driven and high-value content. It is estimated that around 9 out of 10 businesses generate leads through the high-value contents targeted at a specific group of audience.
  • Find Commercial Keywords: As you already know that keywords play one of the powerful roles in lead generation for your business, but when talk about commercial keywords particularly, finding commercial keywords will help you to know about your prospects who intend to buy your products/services.
  • Amplify Content Using Social Media: There are a plethora of social media platforms available that can be used to amplify your content. as you can see everything online to read, listen or watch, you can also use different social media platforms and introduce your brand, its services or products through content marketing.
  • Create Highly-Converting Landing Pages: Creating highly-converting landing pages is the best way to boost your strategy for conversion rate optimization. The landing page having a compelling headline, a captivating opening and a proper flow that build interest of readers can ultimately generate huge leads.
  • Share And Promote The Content: Content sharing and promoting through organic search, influencer marketing or syndication can lead to several benefits to your brand. whether it is about SEO articles, blogs, social media posts or anything related to that, proper sharing and promoting help in gaining the most valuable traffic on the web.
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Why Branding Is The Need Of The Hour?

Nowadays, branding is the need of the hour and every single business owner is thinking to perform a strategic branding of their particular business. Strategic brand management is something that should be done in the right manner for achieving the expected result. Brand name and branding both are different things, the brand name is associated with your business, branding is something in which you get connected directly to your audience. Your brand name is built by doing proper promotion of your business on the right platforms. Branding is something which has a connection and feelings with your audience and keeps the customers engaged in your business brand.

Why Branding is Important for Business Growth?

  • Digital Brand Liability :Your brand represents your business value and it is important to promote your business brand using today’s digital trends. Marketing and branding both are different things but have to get performed in a tactical manner. With a proper approach towards digital brand liability, you can make strong efforts to gain liability and trust of every single user.
  • Promoting Your Social Media Brand : Social media is the most powerful tool in today’s time and is used for doing reliable promotion of your business brand. A well-planned brand strategy is used for developing awareness of your brand among all the people who are present on the online platforms. Being a businessman, it is your responsibility to promote your business on different social media platforms.
  • Build A Socially Responsible Brand :Your brand image holds huge importance in the marketplace and this shows how much you are socially responsible towards it. You must build your brand by using the right skills and promote them on the right social platforms. You must have clear business goals and should not get diverted from your social brand plan.
  • Branding VS Marketing VS Advertising : All these three i.e. branding, marketing and advertising are somewhere interlinked tools and used for promoting your business. These tools are helpful for acquiring and retaining your customer base as well as to drive huge sales and generate profits. Understanding the whole branding, marketing and advertising tool will help to strategic the marketing as well as advertising process.
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How To Build One Page Website?

In this fast-paced world, everybody wants to save their time by simplifying the features and mechanisms of their resources. When it comes to the business world, many companies are using one page website which is also known as parallax scrolling website. With the help of these websites, it becomes easier to deliver mobile-friendly and hassle-free experience to users as they don’t need to click in various pages to access different sort of information. Most importantly, single page websites require minimum resources, provide smooth surfing and work well across different devices.

Well, single page website looks sleek as well as professional that allows users to have simplified navigation. With the advancement in technology in the field of web designing, developers and designers have a plethora of options as frameworks that are used to build a one page website for you with classy images and informative contents.

Here are the steps to build a one page website for your business-

  • Create The Website: Initially, you have to create the website from scratch while choosing the best frameworks and technology to ensure the user-friendly interface.
  • Select The Template: Now, you should select the template that meets your objectives. You can use a template with a search menu at the top.
  • Remove The Extra Content: When you are going to build a simple one page website, remove the extra content written on the homepage, remove the logo and related elements to rename the homepage and adding your elements.
  • Set Header Text and Upload the Logo: Now you have to add a tagline that fulfills your objectives to set header text and go ahead to upload your brand logo.
  • Add Your Content: Now the next step is creating each section of the page, for instance:  About, Products, Services, Contact and Location. As the aesthetic of a one page website has a core value, you didn’t have to add so much content on that.
  • Do On-Page Navigation: As this is a single page website, you need to hack the navigation menu using anchor links in order to scroll down the navigation links to the suitable sections rather than open to the new pages.

After following these steps, you have to add certain final touches to give a great look to your website while delivering a better experience to your visitors. If you found this blog interesting and seeking the same suggestions for your business to build a single page website, then you can contact our skilled web designers at NarmadaTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology and tools to exceed your expectations for an eye-catchy single page website.



Top 5 Intuitive Website Designing Trends We Saw in 2018

Have you ever wondered why a good website design is important and how it is linked with the credibility of your business? Well, apart from easy-to-navigate, look and feel of your website, proper designing plays a crucial role to represent your brand effectively in front of your targeted audience. You can attract your audience every year by following the latest web design trends in terms of algorithm updates, visuals and best practices. Even a modish or sleek looking website goes outdated after few months, that’s the reason, knowing the difference between a passing fad and industry’s trend is important when it comes to website designing.

Here are Top 5 Intuitive Website Designing Trends We Saw in 2018:

  • Animation: With the increased demand of animated emojis after the release of Apple’s iPhone X, there are many brands that prefer to use subtle animations in their logo design to grab user attention. This popularity allowed us to expect these moving visuals across the websites in 2018.
  • Ultra-Clean Layouts: You may have seen various clean layouts that can translate from desktop to mobile easily. Usually, simple websites with clean layouts come with the faster loading time, that also support the new higher demanding and interactive interfaces.
  • Machine Learning: There is no doubt that machine learning is growing to the new exponential levels as
    web design trends 2018.
    With the advancements in its features for web designing, it becomes quite easier to have seamless interactions while allowing your customers to access your website and shop with ease.
  • Virtual Reality: Nowadays, virtual reality is grabbing so much popularity in different businesses, especially in the field of web designing. Using VR allows you to make a great image of your brand among your customers that you are ahead of the trend. VR helps your users to have virtual interaction with your business in a seamless manner.
  • Bold Typography: Typography is a timeless trend web designing, most of the designers pay attention to detail towards typography to optimize the overall design while improving the usability. It is easier to create unique visual balance and contrast by using superimposed typefaces on broken layouts and stock photography.

Apart from this, there are many more trends that have made and will persist during 2018 and the upcoming years. If you also want to implement these trends to have the most amazing eCommerce web design, you should opt for the web design services from the leading IT company, NarmadaTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We are expert in delivering the best-in-class and cost-effective web designing solution for your brand.



Know The Types Of YouTube Cards And How To Use Them

Have you not yet started using YouTube cards to boost your YouTube promotion efforts? YouTube cards can be considered as the best solution to drive actionable outcomes from your video content. They allow you to add many other visual components that make your YouTube videos more interactive.

Using YouTube cards is the best way to analyze the performance through YouTube analytics and boost your YouTube promotion tactics. With the help of these cards, you can create and promote multiple things within your video while attracting more and more customers.

  • Video Cards: You can use these cards by simply providing the link to another video. They can encourage viewers to watch another video related to it and spend more time on your channel.
  • Associate Website Cards: Your viewers, whether they reached you directly via your website or any other associated URL, you can convert them to your customers by using associate website cards. These cards consist of a custom title, thumbnail picture as well as call-to-action.
  • Fundraising Cards: Using fundraising YouTube cards helps you to link a fundraising page directly through a suitable title and thumbnail image. This will be more effective and fruitful when you want to promote a fundraising project.
  • Merchandising Cards: These cards are used to sell out any specific product through a title, picture, and call-to-action. This will also provide financial support to your YouTube channel and boost your YouTube promotional efforts.

How to make use of these YouTube interactive cards to your videos?

  • Navigate your video list from the drop-down menu placed under the Edit button.
  • Choose the card type on the editor screen
  • Enter the valid URL for the card you have chosen
  • Select a suitable image and upload it for the card thumbnail
  • Now add your call to action, title and custom teaser text
  • Adjust the timer for the video teaser to appear.

Well, it may be overwhelming for you to choose the YouTube cards that meet your video interaction goals. This is where the importance of YouTube promotion services has come into existence. We, at NarmadaTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. understand your demand for proven strategies to boost your YouTube marketing campaign. Our team provides remarkable support to increase direct website traffic and views. Our YouTube promotion services include, but not limited to video promotion, text transcription of the video, development of customized YouTube channels and effective video syndication.


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Top 5 Content Marketing Tools

With the rise of digital marketing in today’s competitive era, the need for content marketing is also escalating among all the businesses. If you are struggling with the whole content marketing work, then you must find out the best ways to enhance your productivity and get some free time. Are you thinking to get a full command on the content part? Then you must make use of the best content marketing tools. In this way, you will be able to opt for better marketing and branding of your business on the online platforms.

  • Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is the best content marketing tool that helps to find the trending topics for your business area and provides important information about the influencers. With the help of Buzzsumo, you can discover which type of content is shared multiple times on different social media platforms. After getting this information, you can choose the best topic as per your niche and plan a proper branding of your business. With these immense of information, you can find out which social media platform is best for you to promote your post. If you are looking for content planning and scheduling, then Buzzsumo is the best content marketing tool.

  • SEMrush

SEMrush is a content marketing tool that helps to identify the rank of your business competitors on Google which comes for free and paid versions both. SEMrush tool help to find out the traffic of your competitors on the Google and keywords due to which they are ranking higher. You have to enter the web address of your competitor in the SEMrush SEO toolkit and you will get a list of all the related keywords that are ranking on Google. With the help of a free registered account, SEMrush helps to get top 10 organic keywords which are driving huge traffic to the competitors’ website.

  • Easil

Visuals always play an important role in doing the promotion of your content part in a more effective and attractive manner. All the designing and graphics part is managed by the creative designers in the industry. But contacting the designers for every piece of image is little expensive and for this reason, Easil is such a design tool that assists non-designers for creating high-quality images in very less time. This tool has a drag-drop interface, customized templates, free stock images, color palette generator and many more. Easil tool will help you in the promotion of your business using eye-catchy and attractive visuals.

  • Serpstat

Serpstat is considered as an all-in-one SEO platform that has various modules like Backlink Analysis, SEO-Audit, Rank Tracking, Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research. Serpstat will assist you in selecting the most popular topics for making the best promotional content. The content will be prepared by getting all the relevant information like high volume keywords, SERP ranking, competitor analysis, analyzing ads and many more. Getting all these information using the Serpstat service, you will be able to make perfect content for the need of your business promotion.

  • MailChimp

If you are planning a content marketing strategy, then email marketing can work best for you. Using the best email marketing tool i.e. MailChimp, you can build the best email marketing strategy. MailChimp helps to engage with your audience and find the best-matched audience group for improving the brand awareness of your business. MailChimp is considered as the best email marketing platform that will help you in running successful email campaigns that will share updates, keep the audience up-to-date with the latest news, sell products and has many other features. It creates an email list having subscribers that will get engaged with the content are highly beneficial for you.


There are so many free content marketing tools available in the market but it is important to find the best one that suits your business needs. NarmadaTech has the best content marketing team who knows how to manage different content marketing tools for improving your brand awareness on all the online platforms and upscale your online reputation in an excellent manner.



Which Social Media Platform You Should Use For Your Business And Why?

Nowadays, there is no longer any question that social media is one of the vital tools for all your marketing efforts. If you want to get instant popularity and success in your business, you have to remain active in today’s endless online world. It has been estimated that around 92 percent of marketers prefer to use social platforms to increase their brand exposure up to the great extent. This is the best way to grab the huge opportunity and reach the group of your targeted customers.

However, choosing the social media platforms that meet your expectations to increase your brand credibility is overwhelming for many marketers. There are a plethora of social media platforms available having different features. To leverage from them, you have to narrow down your choices while start determining your goals. here we made it simple for you by listing features and benefits of top social media platforms.

• Facebook: This is one of the most popular and largest online platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users all over the world. this can be considered as the best one if you want to generate leads, target audience and build business relationships. You can keep your customers updated about your brand, new products, services or any event happening in your company.

• LinkedIn: LinkedIn is usually the no.1 choice for people who look for the best social media platforms for business and if their only goal is lead generation. This is also the ideal platform for editorial content as it helps your company to establish as the most trusted and reliable name in your specific business domain.

• Pinterest: It is most popular saying that “images speak louder than words“. If you want to attract more customers while earning a huge profit, Pinterest can be considered as the best social media platform you can rely on. Whether it is about food, fashion, art, decor, travel or any other business, it becomes easier to showcase them by using stunning and astonishing photographs.

• Twitter: Twitter is the best business social media sites if your company is about immediacy. You can reach out your followers quickly with announcements, breaking news as well as the moment information. These days, all sort of businesses are using Twitter to get benefit from its amazing features.

Now, if you have your account on all these social media platforms, but need assistance to connect with your targeted audience, then it is recommended to get the best SMO (social media optimization) services from any reliable company such as NarmadaTech. We know each and every aspect regarding SMO, thus we can boost your social media page by posting relevant, engaging and quality content. From a wide range of plans to choose, you can opt for the one that suits the best to your requirements.