Impact of Technology in The Changing Game of Real Estate

With the modernization in the way of doing business, there is a great shift of businesses towards performing activities online. As the importance of technology is widened in each and every field, so why not in Real Estate? There is a continuous alteration in the technology trends in real estate industry and with the ease of technology, the work of real estate agent as well as of the customers has become quite simpler. The agreements which consume considerable huge time are done now within seconds.

Every time something new is invented and is implemented in this industry, which enhances its growth worldwide. Nowadays as everyone is mobile-centric and can operate multiple applications of various real estate agents at the same time using one device, can find a better suitable deal to oneself.

The emerging advancement in technology in the real estate market impacts in various different ways:

  • The Never Returning Time: Due to insufficient time, many people are hiding to indulge in the real estate market or incurring losses day by day. The technology has solved the issue as the agents themselves can update the stock over a platform where the buyers contact themselves which can generate leads as well as saves time.
  • Enormous Growth: With all the comforts that are provided by the technology and with the best real estate marketing strategy, the realtors can grow their business activities worldwide and can play a very big game in this competitive world.
  • Ease of Remembering: Technology helps to maintain all the information regarding the stocks and helps the individual to get ease from the burden of remembering the excessive information.
  • Generate Leads: Growing technology has the power to generate abundant leads as each and every one is connected with the technology and the buyer has excess to all the stock available on the online platform.
  • Estimation for The Future: Technology keeps all the past records of the stocks and provide detailed reports for the same, which helps to estimate the value of the stocks for the coming future.

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5 Proven Tactics to Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

Do you know that why it is important to optimize your Facebook business page? Well, you may wonder after knowing the fact that your Facebook business page is not just a static marketing tool, it’s a reliable source to generate and convert new leads, boost SEO, and increase more sales.

Every business has their specific Facebook page where they post the new updates and information about their brand, services and products. Creating an engaging and professional experience on your Facebook page helps to increase your brand visibility while getting qualified sales leads. There are certain tactics you must follow for Facebook business page optimization that benefit you for the long run. Have a look at those tactics:

  • Select the Suitable Name: It is absolutely important to select the suitable name for your Facebook business page as it becomes permanent when you choose it.
  • Complete Your Profile: You should ensure that your business profile including the cover photo, bio and related info are up-to-date, that makes your audience engaged with your posts associated with your services and products.
  • Personalize Your Tabs: Apart from the basic tabs such as “About”, “Photos”, and “Events”, you should use some personalized tabs as per your services and products in order to entice buyers.
  • Add a Call to Action Button: You can make use of a relevant call to action button for your Facebook page such as Contact Us, Call Now, Sign Up, Send Message, Shop Now, Learn More and so on.
  • Pin Posts to the Top: This is one of the important tactics to optimize your Facebook business page. You can pin the posts which are time-sensitive like upcoming contests and events with deadlines. Also, you can spotlight your best content such as ebook, blog post and press releases.


With so many digital marketing companies available in Indore, offering top-of-the-line Facebook ad optimization solutions, it becomes easy to optimize your social media pages, especially on Facebook. But choosing the company that offers comprehensive solutions for the same that match your requirements is quite difficult, you should always avail social media optimization services from any reputed and trusted digital marketing firm.

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A Complete Beginner’s Guide to SEO with Some Quick Tips

Over the past few years, the digital landscape has transformed dramatically, but SEO Optimization is still an important and effective marketing tactic to increase brand credibility. It becomes easier to generate organic search engine results while increasing quality traffic to the website by deploying the right SEO practices. It has been estimated in research that around 57% of B2B marketers generate more leads through SEO as compared to other marketing initiatives.

Talking about the SEO types, just like a coin has two sides, SEO also has two sides which are known as the types of SEO-

  • Black Hat SEO
  • White Hat SEO

Apart from this, there are many other types of SEO techniques adopted by businesses across the world in order to get an online presence. However, the major SEO practices used by marketers are-

  • ON-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

ON-Page SEO: This technique refers to the activities that are meant to be done on the page before it is published. This helps to optimize the page on the search engine result pages. The activities involve in ON-Page SEO are backlinking, meta tags, meta description, Alt attributes, Image SEO. SEO yoast for WordPress, internal linking, H tags, URL structure and so on.

Off-Page SEO: This technique refers to the promotion of content after publishing. The activities involve in Off-page SEO are commenting, liking/star rating, answering questions of the potential customers and so on.

The Types of Keywords Used in SEO Practices:

Keywords play the most significant role to improve search engine ranking on Google. Begins with keyword finding and infusing in the content, there are various types of keywords that can be used in the content. Common SEO keywords are-

  • Generic keywords
  • Broad Match Keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords

Some Quick, Actionable and Effective SEO Tips Are:

  • Conduct Proper and Extensive Keyword Research
  • Use Google Search Console
  • Understand Your Online Audience
  • Claim Your Address On Google Maps
  • Address Customer Issues Through Your Blogs
  • Use A Clear URL Structure
  • Encourage Reviews
  • Don’t Forget to Use PPC
  • Write Unique and Relevant Meta Descriptions for Each Page
  • Track Your Success Through Google Analytics

Concluding this, SEO is a mandatory technique to that pulls-in quality traffic, increases sales and leads, decreases cost per acquisition, builds credibility and trust. If you also want to leverage the benefits of SEO, then you should undoubtedly avail the remarkable SEO services provides by NarmadaTech. This is the best SEO company in Indore, offering reliable and affordable SEO services that benefit your business with huge sales and growth.