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The account is a complex part of any company which needs accuracy and full attention. It becomes difficult to manage all the legal and complicated accounts part manually. That’s why Accounting Application is getting huge attention from people who are frustrated with the whole complexities of the accounting section of their organization. Our development team is well aware of all the current market trends and has full potential to develop such an accounting application that will suit your business needs.


  • General Ledger
  • Invoice & Point of Sale
  • Customer & Supplier Control
  • Quotes & Sales Orders
  • Workshop & HR
  • Dashboard
  • E-Commerce
  • Stock Control
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We had developed accounting application for our valuable client “Edward Johnson” who was a leading entrepreneur and was running a big enterprise. He was very much frustrated with the whole complex and legal account part of his company. He comes to us with the need of having an accounting application for managing the whole account department of his company and we fulfilled his demand successfully.

Are you curious to know how we got success in building the Accounting application? See our case study to get the full details!

Client Requirement

Our client has been involved in books and gifts products. The client wanted to offer a high level of service to capture the market. The major requirement of accounting and inventory management application was to attain timely delivery, customer service, proper accounting management and improved business processes.


The key focus of the client was to manage inventory, order fulfilment along with accounting processes. In books and gifts industry, most of the orders for books are placed months in advance and it requires a sophisticated and flexible inventory system to manage advance orders, the multitude of backorders and partial payments efficiently.

Our Approach

After identification of specific demands according to the client and respective industry, we have developed an effective accounting application with the utilization of utilized highly efficient frameworks, programs and technologies such as Laravel, PHP, HTML/CSS, jQuery.


With the help of efficient inventory and accounting ERP application, the client has gained benefits of accurate and instant reporting, improved business processes, real-time inventory management, payment and accounting integration, time saving and real-time decision-making capability.

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Continuous finance monitoring
Minimize errors or flaws
Get actionable reports
Enhanced mobility
Time-saving application


Testimonial by JASON EDWARDS
The accounting application provided by NarmadaTech proves the best thing in our organization. I am really happy that I contacted NarmadaTech for providing me this accounting application for managing all the account-related things smoothly. The developers were very supportive and listened my each and every requirement minutely for matching my standards. I would really recommend NarmadaTech if you are thinking to develop an accounting application.
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