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5 React Native Features That Lead to Hassle-Free Mobile App Development

In this hi-tech business world, the demand for an efficient User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design is increasing progressively to attract targeted customers. Whether it is about web development or mobile app development, the process demands tireless efforts and unique emphasis to get the flawless outcome. With so many technologies available such as Node, Angular, Vue etc., Facebook introduced React Native framework to make the coding easier for developers. It is a JavaScript framework, gaining worldwide popularity to develop engaging mobile applications for both Android and iOS with a single JavaScript codebase in a seamless manner.React Native is a sought-after alternative for developing captive solutions and requires fewer resources as there is no necessity for separate Android and iOS teams. It is basically a technology which rivals iOS’s Storyboard/ XIB/ Coding with UI libraries or Android’s XML/ Constraint layout approach. Whether it is about the user interface, codebase or native modules, apps built with React Native are second to none.Features of React Native that make the process of creating mobile apps easy and time-efficient are enlisted below:
  • The Java Library: The combination of JavaScript and HTML syntax simplifies the process of writing codes for the proposed project. As the JS library is comprised of specific functions that convert the HTML components into the required features and make the whole project clear and easy to understand.
  • Components Reusability: Using React Native allows developers to reduce their efforts by reusing the components while ensuring the flawless performance of applications.
  • Proper Data Binding: Apart from making coding easier, it offers a reliable option of one-way data binding that helps to track any changes made in the data segment.
  • JSX: It can be the best markup syntax which is resembles HTML very closely as it is more like the combination of XML and JavaScript that makes building blocks of React UI and components easier.
  • Declarative: It offers simple and declarative views to make code more readable and easy to update when the data changes, Also, it is easier to debug the code while making react programming.
Nowadays businesses are on the look-out for a mobile app development company that can help them to flourish their business, with a user-friendly engagement through new technologies. They opt for feature-rich and responsive mobile apps that require a strict process for software development.Well, React Native easily adapts to mobile app development and helps to gain final output that exceeds the client demands. NarmadaTech Team strives hard to build react app based on the revolutionary JavaScript- React Native for the clients’ hail from different regions of the world.
WooCommerce VS Shopify

WooCommerce VS Shopify – Which is the Best CMS Platform?

When it comes to choosing the best CMS platform while expecting the unblemished design, people often get stuck with Shopify vs WooCommerce as both possess multiple strengths on their own stand. Both the platforms have worldwide popularity because of their amazing features in terms of scalability, web hosting, cost and so on. Other than selecting the two, you can build your business website on any e-commerce platform which is more feature-rich, flexible and user-friendly. As your website holds huge traffic for the growth of your business, it is imperative to design it in such a manner that can attract the traffic and enforce them to spend their time on the particular website.Now the question arises is- Which one to choose? Which platform can meet the specific requirements of your business?  Well, here are some important factors you should consider about how and which ecommerce platform to choose from.WooCommerce or Shopify
  • Customization and Professional Skills: WooCommerce is considered as the widely-used open-source eCommerce plugin that allows you to build custom extensions and customize every aspect of your shop. When you design the website, you indirectly require professional skills that also consume your time and efforts. While Shopify provides you multiple themes to design your business websites but does not provide freedom to design as per your wish.
  • Flexibility: Both the e-commerce platforms provide a user-friendly interface, Shopify is most preferred for the beginners whereas WooCommerce requires a knowledge of web programming.
  • Hosting: WooCommerce as it is self-hosted, allows the user to perform activities as per their requirement and can modify it as per the need. Whereas Shopify does not provide so much access as it is hosted and provide access to modification only as per the user requirements.
  • Market Share in E-commerce: Shopify comprises of the largest e-commerce platform worldwide but WooCommerce has gained the topmost name in the world of popularity. After these e-commerce platforms comparison, you can now choose according to the requirement of your business organization. You can also take NarmadaTech’s expert advice who are highly skilled and performing their activities in the same field from the past 7 years. They will guide you and help you in making the right decisions as per your business demands.
Besides this, NarmadaTech can be your one-stop destination if you are looking for custom design over osCommerce, PrestaShop and even Magento. So, what do you think now? Share your thoughts on the two platforms by just Clicking Here.

Impact of Technology in The Changing Game of Real Estate

With the modernization in the way of doing business, there is a great shift of businesses towards performing activities online. As the importance of technology is widened in each and every field, so why not in Real Estate? There is a continuous alteration in the technology trends in real estate industry and with the ease of technology, the work of real estate agent as well as of the customers has become quite simpler. The agreements which consume considerable huge time are done now within seconds.

Every time something new is invented and is implemented in this industry, which enhances its growth worldwide. Nowadays as everyone is mobile-centric and can operate multiple applications of various real estate agents at the same time using one device, can find a better suitable deal to oneself.

The emerging advancement in technology in the real estate market impacts in various different ways:

  • The Never Returning Time: Due to insufficient time, many people are hiding to indulge in the real estate market or incurring losses day by day. The technology has solved the issue as the agents themselves can update the stock over a platform where the buyers contact themselves which can generate leads as well as saves time.
  • Enormous Growth: With all the comforts that are provided by the technology and with the best real estate marketing strategy, the realtors can grow their business activities worldwide and can play a very big game in this competitive world.
  • Ease of Remembering: Technology helps to maintain all the information regarding the stocks and helps the individual to get ease from the burden of remembering the excessive information.
  • Generate Leads: Growing technology has the power to generate abundant leads as each and every one is connected with the technology and the buyer has excess to all the stock available on the online platform.
  • Estimation for The Future: Technology keeps all the past records of the stocks and provide detailed reports for the same, which helps to estimate the value of the stocks for the coming future.

We, NarmadaTech are a highly specialized team providing solutions to the realtors dealing in real estate industry and helping them to stay updated with the fast-changing technology trends in real estate.Our experts can help to manage the business online by developing the real estate websites which can provide customers user-friendly environment and can generate leads resulting in the growth of your business.

Also, we provide various services in the field of digital marketing to our customers, so as to generate awareness among huge customers and to convert them to our potential buyers.  This ultimately builds a great brand image among the buyers resulting in future growth.



5 Proven Tactics to Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

Do you know that why it is important to optimize your Facebook business page? Well, you may wonder after knowing the fact that your Facebook business page is not just a static marketing tool, it’s a reliable source to generate and convert new leads, boost SEO, and increase more sales.

Every business has their specific Facebook page where they post the new updates and information about their brand, services and products. Creating an engaging and professional experience on your Facebook page helps to increase your brand visibility while getting qualified sales leads. There are certain tactics you must follow for Facebook business page optimization that benefit you for the long run. Have a look at those tactics:

  • Select the Suitable Name: It is absolutely important to select the suitable name for your Facebook business page as it becomes permanent when you choose it.
  • Complete Your Profile: You should ensure that your business profile including the cover photo, bio and related info are up-to-date, that makes your audience engaged with your posts associated with your services and products.
  • Personalize Your Tabs: Apart from the basic tabs such as “About”, “Photos”, and “Events”, you should use some personalized tabs as per your services and products in order to entice buyers.
  • Add a Call to Action Button: You can make use of a relevant call to action button for your Facebook page such as Contact Us, Call Now, Sign Up, Send Message, Shop Now, Learn More and so on.
  • Pin Posts to the Top: This is one of the important tactics to optimize your Facebook business page. You can pin the posts which are time-sensitive like upcoming contests and events with deadlines. Also, you can spotlight your best content such as ebook, blog post and press releases.


With so many digital marketing companies available in Indore, offering top-of-the-line Facebook ad optimization solutions, it becomes easy to optimize your social media pages, especially on Facebook. But choosing the company that offers comprehensive solutions for the same that match your requirements is quite difficult, you should always avail social media optimization services from any reputed and trusted digital marketing firm.

NarmadaTech is one such reputed IT and digital marketing services provider in Indore, where you can get the best solutions to boost your Facebook business page at affordable prices. We have a highly skilled team of Social Media Marketing and management experts that can easily handle your Facebook business page, social bookmarking, social media audit, advertising and paid campaigns.


A Complete Beginner’s Guide to SEO with Some Quick Tips

Over the past few years, the digital landscape has transformed dramatically, but SEO Optimization is still an important and effective marketing tactic to increase brand credibility. It becomes easier to generate organic search engine results while increasing quality traffic to the website by deploying the right SEO practices. It has been estimated in research that around 57% of B2B marketers generate more leads through SEO as compared to other marketing initiatives.

Talking about the SEO types, just like a coin has two sides, SEO also has two sides which are known as the types of SEO-

  • Black Hat SEO
  • White Hat SEO

Apart from this, there are many other types of SEO techniques adopted by businesses across the world in order to get an online presence. However, the major SEO practices used by marketers are-

  • ON-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

ON-Page SEO: This technique refers to the activities that are meant to be done on the page before it is published. This helps to optimize the page on the search engine result pages. The activities involve in ON-Page SEO are backlinking, meta tags, meta description, Alt attributes, Image SEO. SEO yoast for WordPress, internal linking, H tags, URL structure and so on.

Off-Page SEO: This technique refers to the promotion of content after publishing. The activities involve in Off-page SEO are commenting, liking/star rating, answering questions of the potential customers and so on.

The Types of Keywords Used in SEO Practices:

Keywords play the most significant role to improve search engine ranking on Google. Begins with keyword finding and infusing in the content, there are various types of keywords that can be used in the content. Common SEO keywords are-

  • Generic keywords
  • Broad Match Keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords

Some Quick, Actionable and Effective SEO Tips Are:

  • Conduct Proper and Extensive Keyword Research
  • Use Google Search Console
  • Understand Your Online Audience
  • Claim Your Address On Google Maps
  • Address Customer Issues Through Your Blogs
  • Use A Clear URL Structure
  • Encourage Reviews
  • Don’t Forget to Use PPC
  • Write Unique and Relevant Meta Descriptions for Each Page
  • Track Your Success Through Google Analytics

Concluding this, SEO is a mandatory technique to that pulls-in quality traffic, increases sales and leads, decreases cost per acquisition, builds credibility and trust. If you also want to leverage the benefits of SEO, then you should undoubtedly avail the remarkable SEO services provides by NarmadaTech. This is the best SEO company in Indore, offering reliable and affordable SEO services that benefit your business with huge sales and growth.


Know How Landing Pages Can Support Your Business Goals Directly

When it comes to prompting visitors and bringing awareness of any specific content through call-to-action, nothing can beat the significance of a responsive landing page? This is an effective marketing tool that facilitates users to take a specific action towards your services. Whether you want to attract visitors, convert lead into customers or capture visitor data like Name and Email address, using landing pages is one of the sure-fire ways to hit your set business targets while getting instant credibility. Basically, there are many types of landing pages used by companies, but mainly, they are of 2 types-

As the name suggests, the click-through landing has great importance to entice visitors towards your product and services before they make a final purchasing call. They are mainly used in e-commerce sites. While, lead generation landing pages can directly impact on conversion and used for multiple reasons that include, but not limited to, product demo, white papers/reports, free trial sign-up and consultation service offers.

The benefits of using landing pages are enlisted below-

  • Instant Credibility: Using landing pages is one of the most effective approaches to get benefit from instant credibility among your visitors. This also increases trust among your visitors as when you create a landing page, you tend to solve their problems through your set of services.
  • Better SEO Ranking: Landing pages help you to leverage your SEO rank on different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. When you have a landing page along with the organic content, you can ensure a higher ranking on search engines.
  • Generate Data and Insights: It becomes easier to generate data and insights through landing pages in order to test different landing page elements.
  • Grow Paid Search Campaigns: A successful paid search campaign depends on click-through rates which are influenced by responsive landing page design. Thus, with the help of the landing page, you can grow your paid search campaigns.
  • Increase your Email List: Landing page can benefit your business by increasing your email list through a form submission, newsletters, announcements and so on.

Concluding this, landing pages can be considered as a lead magnet gold mine if designed properly as it reflects your brand.  Well, we at NarmadaTech boast a highly-proficient team of designers that can create the professional landing page design for your business that sets you out of the blues. So, are you ready to gain a competitive advantage while generating more leads? Yes? Then opt for our custom landing page design services and grow your business with us!

Do you need a Landing page? Let’s Start Discussion:   Start Discussion Now


Why Corporate Websites Have a Paramount Importance in Different Businesses?

Do you want to beat your competition shortly while getting more business online?  If you do, then start focusing on the corporate website design of your business. Don’t have a corporate website yet? Oh! So, you are missing out on potential business. Well, there are many companies that offer top-of-the-line corporate web design services, you can avail services from the reliable one and leverage you need.

Many companies across the world started focusing on the “look & feel” of their website design while adding more features for providing something of value to their potential clients. Regardless of the business type or size, having a responsive and feature-rich website plays a significant role in improving the brand visibility and credibility of your business. Listed below are some businesses that should not deny the importance and benefits of corporate websites:

  • Real Estate: When it comes to the real estate websites, it is important to have a responsive, actionable and elegant website that attract your potential customers. The corporate websites for real estate business should be presentable and allow you to talk about your brand. It should have proper menu for property listings, listings for groups, agents and brokerages.
  • Restaurant Business: When you own restaurant business, having a completely responsive and well-designed corporate website helps you grab more popularity that ultimately improve your sales. A well-presented menu, online booking, gift card purchasing are some features that give quality and hassle-free experience to your website.
  • Healthcare Practice: Corporate website plays a significant role when you own healthcare business. You can provide concise information about your clinic, specialization, location etc. through this digital medium. Adding photographs of your healthcare websites can give a feeling of assurance to parents as well as children.
  • Automotive Business: Having a well-functional and featured website is also useful for automotive business as you can use the website’s homepage as a storefront and provide information about the products or services you sell. This helps you people find you online and browse your products.
  • Fashion Brand: With the ever-growing fashion & beauty trends, many people are owning a fashion or salon business, thus the demand for a corporate website for fashion business is also increasing. Having a well-designed website with cool gallery, online booking system, loyalty program, and engaging blogs can add more value to your business.

Concluding this, having a corporate website for any of these businesses help you to generate more sales and flourish. NarmadaTech is known for offering the best and cost-effective corporate website design services that sets you apart from your competitors. Apart from these businesses, their team of web designers can also create an amazing website for law firms and travel agencies with the great level of perfection.


Reasons That Make Digital Marketing Different From Traditional Marketing

With the increased competition in the business field, many businesses find it confusing to decide which kind of marketing to choose. Well, this decision for traditional marketing vs digital marketing gives the most bang for one’s buck. There are many questions arise that how to ensure that the marketing is working? How to reach the targeted group of customers? How to manage costs while implementing the best marketing strategy? Well, the answer may surprise you! You know that around 83% of businesses prefer to rely on digital marketing and receive favorable and measurable outcomes.

Here are the top 5 reasons that make digital marketing better than traditional marketing:

  • Real-time Results: When you go for traditional approaches of marketing, you have to wait for many weeks and even for months. But when you rely on digital marketing, you can easily achieve quick and real-time results. you can see everything in real-time which involves, number of visitors, bounce rates and conversion rates.
  • More Exposure: Traditional advertisement is limited to the locality, while digital marketing helps you to get more exposure throughout the world via different social media platforms including, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on.
  • Higher Engagement: When you use traditional marketing, you cannot interact with your targeted customers as the process takes so much time. Digital marketing allows your targeted customers to engage in real-time.
  • Instant Results: When you get real-time results through Digital marketing, it is possible to get instant publicity and results. You can get a new visitor every nanosecond and check all the shares and comments on your posts.
  • Higher ROI: Companies can implement proven digital marketing strategies and have more revenue growth expectancy. Higher conversion rates can help you to get benefit from higher ROI for your campaigns.

The above-mentioned reasons can make your doubts clear about traditional vs online marketing. However, you may not be an expert to do digital marketing on your own, you need to avail or outsource digital marketing services from any reliable company. Well, NarmadaTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the leading name in the market, offering top-quality digital marketing services which involve SEO, SMO, content marketing, conversion rate optimization and so on. Our professionals know all the aspects related to digital marketing and help you to track real-time results.

Quality services, 24*7 customer support and real-time results are the reasons that set us apart from our competitors. Apart from digital marketing services, we are also known for mobile app development, email marketing, web design and development that improve brand exposure and credibility.


How Educational Websites Are Inspiring Students to Find New Learning Alternatives?

Lack of customization, questionable accrediting and exorbitant tuition rates are some common issues that make students inspire to find the new way of learning. Unlike traditional teaching method with board and chalk, eLearning has transformed the educational system and made learning easier, simpler and even more effective. With the help of educational and e learning sites, students can easily get access to updated content and incorporate interactive concepts.

  • Topic Revision:Unlike classroom teaching, the lectures and sessions can be watched an unlimited number of times that means an easy revision of the topic. Thus, in case, if an student miss the lecture, he can attend it whenever he want without any hassle.
  • Reduced Costs: Using educational and eLearning website is the best and cost-efficient way to save a lot of money over travel, hiring trainers, accommodation as well as course materials. Students can learn different courses by just sitting in the comfort of their home.
  • Self-Paced Learning: When a learner chooses e-learning resources to enhance learning, he will find the self-paced label there. That means he can arrange his learning schedule as per the flexibility.
  • Better Understanding of the Concepts: As eLearning sessions involve images and videos over the diverse topics, thus it is easier for students have clarity about the concepts, ideas and statements and learn the new subjects in a short span of time.

With a plethora of benefits of educational and eLearning websites, the demand for developing such websites is increasing day by day. Well, there are only few companies in Indore, offering remarkable website design and development solutions for online learning, and NarmadaTech is one of them. We understand the importance of online learning to change the face of education and that’s the reason, we deliver the best education website development solutions that give an amazing learning experience to students.
Our team boasts more than 7 years of experience building highly-featured and professional websites for almost all type of businesses. Also, we provide 24/7 support and regular updates about the project status to the clients. Thus, what are you waiting for? Just give us a chance and bring transformation in the educational sector through your exceptional educational and eLearning websites. Whether you run a school, coaching or any educational institution, we will exceed all your demands.


Why To Choose AngularJS To Develop Your Next Website Application?

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine the custom development of dynamic and interactive single page website applications without making use of AngularJS. The reason behind that is its great versatility and easy to access features which makes it the most effective code tool to ensure the job done for angular js development in the right way.

What is AngularJS?

Basically, AngularJS is a JavaScript and open source front-end framework which is created by Google to build modern web applications. It helps developers to deal with several challenges by just making simple integration of a variety of HTML codes. With the number of compelling features such as RESTful API handling, two-way binding, AJAX handling, modularization and so on. Developers can use HTML as a template language and convey the application components easily. Also, they don’t need to depend on other third-party libraries while using AngularJS.

How Using AngularJS for Your Web App Can Benefit You?

  • User Interface:This framework helps an angular developer to build lightweight apps and creates the best user interface using HTML for web application users.
  • Modularity: When it comes to developing responsive web apps using modules, AngularJS shines first as it offers better flexibility, architecture and functionality.
  • SPA Features: AngularJS has various SPA (Single Page Application) features that make it simple to create as well as control online forms.
  • Architecture: Well, AngularJS splits mobile application in the MVC architecture as it is important to develop web applications which correspond to mobile applications.
  • Testing: Using AngularJS is the best approach for web development as developers can easily find code defects and errors that help in finishing the project in less time.
  • Speed: With easy testing and MVC architecture, projects can easily be completed and delivered by developers with higher speeds.

If you are wondering why people say JavaScript is the best and flexible language across the world, then it is time to try AngularJS now and reap its incredible benefits. Well, NarmadaTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in delivering you the top-class web applications AngularJS. We have a team of expert web developers that knows each and every aspect related to AngularJS and provide you the solution that matches the best to your unique requirements for your next project. With quality AngularJS web development, innovative technologies and remarkable customer support, we have built a loyal customer base.