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How To Build One Page Website?

In this fast-paced world, everybody wants to save their time by simplifying the features and mechanisms of their resources. When it comes to the business world, many companies are using one page website which is also known as parallax scrolling website. With the help of these websites, it becomes easier to deliver mobile-friendly and hassle-free experience to users as they don’t need to click in various pages to access different sort of information. Most importantly, single page websites require minimum resources, provide smooth surfing and work well across different devices.

Well, single page website looks sleek as well as professional that allows users to have simplified navigation. With the advancement in technology in the field of web designing, developers and designers have a plethora of options as frameworks that are used to build a one page website for you with classy images and informative contents.

Here are the steps to build a one page website for your business-

  • Create The Website: Initially, you have to create the website from scratch while choosing the best frameworks and technology to ensure the user-friendly interface.
  • Select The Template: Now, you should select the template that meets your objectives. You can use a template with a search menu at the top.
  • Remove The Extra Content: When you are going to build a simple one page website, remove the extra content written on the homepage, remove the logo and related elements to rename the homepage and adding your elements.
  • Set Header Text and Upload the Logo: Now you have to add a tagline that fulfills your objectives to set header text and go ahead to upload your brand logo.
  • Add Your Content: Now the next step is creating each section of the page, for instance:  About, Products, Services, Contact and Location. As the aesthetic of a one page website has a core value, you didn’t have to add so much content on that.
  • Do On-Page Navigation: As this is a single page website, you need to hack the navigation menu using anchor links in order to scroll down the navigation links to the suitable sections rather than open to the new pages.

After following these steps, you have to add certain final touches to give a great look to your website while delivering a better experience to your visitors. If you found this blog interesting and seeking the same suggestions for your business to build a single page website, then you can contact our skilled web designers at NarmadaTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology and tools to exceed your expectations for an eye-catchy single page website.


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