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5 Common Mistakes In SEO And How To Avoid Them

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is considered the most important process to focus on improving the ranking of your website on the search engines. By following the right tactics of SEO, you can get massive website traffic on your website. With proper and technical SEO process, you can make your website ranked on the top list of all the major search engines. You cannot buy SEO traffic as it can achieve purely by executing the technical SEO processes.

When you are following the SEO strategies at that time make sure that you are performing the search engine optimization steps in the right ways. SEO process when performed takes time in showing the result and this is the reason that you should keep some patience. At times it happens that people make different types of SEO mistakes and spoils the whole strategy which is built to get an effective result.

Here are some common technical SEO mistakes that you must avoid :

  • Not focusing on analytics for tracking the conversions

Search engine optimization is not only about getting huge traffic on your website but to get huge conversions. With the help of analytics, you can see how much traffic is coming to your website and among all the traffic, how much is useful and of value. Because sometimes it happens that low traffic easily gets converted into the lead. So focus on quality traffic not on quantity traffic and for this, you will need an analytics tool to track all the activities from time to time. Make sure that your efforts are going in the right direction bringing effective result.

  • Having no information about cloaking

Sometimes it happens that you are searching for something and when clicked on the topmost ranked website that comes on the first position of search engine result page but you found something different which was not related to your search keyword. Any kind of difference in the content which is present in the crawler and in the actual site is called cloaking and violates the Google webmaster rule. You must know about cloaking and make sure that your website does not face any such issue at any cost.

  • Not using anchor text for internal links

If links are put on the body of a web page showing “click here”, then such type of links are waste and doesn’t make any difference in achieving good SEO for your website. You must use anchor text for representing internal links of your website and get more hits on the link. The reason is by putting the right links with proper meaning will definitely make a huge impact on user mind and they will force to click that particular link.

  • You are not updating the XML sitemap frequently

An XML sitemap is the most important part of SEO which helps in making aware your website links to the Google. The whole website skeleton is shown with the help of an XML sitemap. If you are not updating the sitemap of your website, then it will not get any identification on the search engine. If you are making updations in your website and they are not known to the search engine, then your website will never rank on the search engine. To keep search engine updated with all the information of your website, you must keep updating the XML sitemap on a regular basis.

  • Using duplicate or poor content on the website

Having poor content on your website will ruin its reputation on the online platform. The first thing your website shows is the content and it is said that content is king when it comes to the SEO process. You cannot compromise with the content quality as it represents your business brand. Your content should always be unique and professionally written from the expert content writers. Never compromise on the quality of your website content as it affects directly on the whole SEO of your website.


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