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How to Launch Paid Marketing Campaign On Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social networking platform now owned by Facebook, Inc. Business owners are moving towards Instagram advertising and adopting the trend of creating new Instagram ads for reaching more and more audiences for the brand promotion need. It has been observed that there are more than 800 million active monthly users on Instagram and among which 65 percent of users come under 30 age group. Instagram has become more and more popular with the growing addiction of using social networking sites among all types of people. More than 2 million companies are using Instagram Ads for reaching the targeted audiences, engaging followers, and promoting their products.


instagram How to Launch Paid Marketing Campaign On Instagram? 7

Let’s Understand How to do paid marketing on Instagram? 

Step 1 –

Create your campaign and choose its objective

First, you have to choose an editor for creating your campaign. With the help of different tools, you can create Instagram ads like Ads Manager, Power Editor, Facebook Ads API and more such. After choosing the tool, you have to state all the information regarding your company size, and a number of ads you are planning to run. After selecting the editor as per your Ads need, you will able to view all the campaigns and create a new campaign.

As the below image shows there are many different objectives of the campaign that you have to choose for your campaign. If you want to make your ad eligible to appear on the Instagram platform, you must select a short list. Selecting this option, you will able to name your campaign which is although an important step.


instagram How to Launch Paid Marketing Campaign On Instagram? step1

Step 2 –

If you are thinking to start working on Instagram ads, in that case, make sure that you are targeted right audience group. In this step, you will the platform that will let you choose the targeted audience as per your industry type. You can create a custom audience for reaching out to people who are already attached to your business or lookalike audience to reach people who are a valuable audience zone.


instagram How to Launch Paid Marketing Campaign On Instagram? step2

Step 3 –

This step differentiates the whole process of setting up ads on Facebook vs. Instagram. To move forward setting up the paid marketing campaign on the Instagram platform, you are required to uncheck the boxes excepting “Instagram”.


instagram How to Launch Paid Marketing Campaign On Instagram? step3

Step 4 –

Setting the budget and schedule for the Instagram Ads is the most essential step. You have two options while setting the budget i.e. daily budget or a lifetime budget for setting your campaign.

Daily budget 

The daily budget will set your ad to run throughout the day and the algorithm will run automatically to analyze the per day spending. Don’t forget that the minimum budget for daily ads depends on the type of campaign you are choosing.

Lifetime budget 

The lifetime budget sets your Instagram ads for a defined time and the ads algorithm will judge your overall spending which is defined for the specified period of time.

The other to set your ad budget is by scheduling it. You need to choose when you want to start your campaign and when to finish it. There are different options to set the required parameters for running your ads as per the defined hours in a day or on which days of the week. You can get this scheduling options in the “Ad Scheduling” section.


instagram How to Launch Paid Marketing Campaign On Instagram? step4

Step 5 –

In this step, you can make your ad look more creative by choosing different options that are available.

You can choose your format and this from where the whole creativity comes into the picture. You can add different images, slideshows, and videos as per your Instagram Ads need and of course having the pure impact your business brand to promote it effectively. Also, you can choose multiple images and multiple videos in your Instagram Ad by choosing the option.


You will find many different options on Instagram for your Ad 

instagram How to Launch Paid Marketing Campaign On Instagram? step5

Step 6 –

Set up your page and link it by connecting your Facebook Page with your Instagram account. Choose the Facebook page on which you want the ads to come from your account, even if you don’t want the ads to run on the Facebook. Click the “Add Account” section for connecting your Instagram account with your Facebook Ad Account.

If you are not having an account on the Instagram platform, still you can run the ads on the Instagram as they will come from the business Facebook Page. Your Facebook Page Name and the Profile Picture will be utilized for representing your business in your ad when it will run on the Instagram.

Add the website URL to drive more traffic, add a headline, create a caption, select a call-to-action button for running the paid campaign successfully. Using the “Advanced Options” section, you can edit the campaign like it contain options like adding tags, entering URL parameters, setting up sponsors, changing your display link and more such.


instagram How to Launch Paid Marketing Campaign On Instagram? step6

Step 7 –

This is the final step in which you are ready to place the order as everything is set to go. You just have to click the green button which is present on the justify bottom corner and on which “Place Order” is written.

Check everything before you press the place order button because your ads have huge potential to make a strong impact on a wide range of audience.


instagram How to Launch Paid Marketing Campaign On Instagram? step7

Above-defined is the complete process of paid marketing on Instagram. You can benefit your business by running the paid marketing campaign on the Instagram platform. At NarmadaTech, we have the best digital marketing team who is talented and smart enough to handle the whole paid marketing process on different social media platforms.

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