How To Use Twitter Analytics For Tracking Social Campaigns

Twitter has become the fastest-growing social media platform which is used by all types of people worldwide. But how you are tracking all the promotion activities which are performed on this platform. Twitter actually has its own Twitter Analytics which is an inbuilt tool and used for tracking the social media activities done by you on this platform. Perhaps it happens that people forget about the existing twitter analytics tool and keeps searching a way to track the customer engagement on the social media campaign.

If you are not aware of the Twitter Analytics tool, then take a look at the data that you can view and measure the customer engagement on your social campaigns.


1. Accessing Twitter Analytics

Using Twitter Analytics is very simple as you just have to visit the website and click on the sign-in button before you enter your normal Twitter details like username and password to use your Twitter account. The data will start for capturing when you will sign-up and not able to see any data right away so that it’s very important to first signed-up immediately.

Twitter analytics 1

When you will get the data, after that you will able to discover a wide range of features and metrics like –

  • Level of engagements
  • Tweet activity
  • Follower stats
  • Location of your followers
  • Demographics of your audience


2. Navigation through the dashboard

After log-in, you will see the home dashboard that will offer a summary of 28 days of your work done on your Twitter profile. The whole summary will help you in knowing the overall information of the number of Tweets that you had posted every month along with the gained total impressions, the number of profile visits and followers and obviously this will increase your Twitter reach. Also, you will get a benefit of scrolling down and viewing the statistics segment for every month that covers –

  • Number of top Tweets based on the key metrics
  • Top mention based on the number of accounts engaged with the real Tweet
  • Top follower based on the number of followers of individual account

The features of the dashboard have the power to make it easy to gain insights and overview of the last 28 days. Also, it allows comparing the whole data performance every month.


3. Tracking engagement for single Tweets

As shown in the below image, click on the “Tweets” tab which is represented on the top side of your profile and termed as the navigation bar. After clicking it, you will able to view the whole insights which are presented on the profile for every single user.

Twitter analytics 3

You will able to see the metrics data which is related to your all Tweets, promoted posts, and replies and all these you will able to see if you are making use of Twitter Ads to boost the impressions.

Every single tab has different data to show

  • Impressions – It shows user data like how much time the user saw the post on Twitter.
  • Engagements – It shows for how much time the user was engaged or interacted with you on your Tweet, covering clicks on links, hashtags, username, profile, replies, tweet, and favorites.
  • Engagement rate – It shows the whole engagement time the user has with you on your Twitter profile which is separated by the total number of impressions.


4. Exporting full data

One of the top features of the Twitter Analytics free tool is its capability to enlarge the range of dates for exporting the data in the CSV file. You can make a proper twitter hashtags analytics by viewing the detailed data. For doing this, navigate your cursor towards ‘Tweets’ and select the range of dates which is present on the right-hand top corner of the page. The default calendar settings allow to see the last 28 days’ data but you can extend the date range or parameters using the sidebar menu options.

Twitter analytics 4

Choose the required date range and set it by clicking the icon which is placed at the top of the page. When you will see the full data in the excel will make it simple to separate and get the data that you need.


Twitter analytics 5

If you are thinking to build a social media report for your business, you must have data that can be export before you analyze the data and metrics and then add in the results. NarmadaTech is doing a fabulous work by delivering the top class digital marketing and analytics services. Track your social media analytics and prepare more effective campaigns for the promotion of your business all over the world.


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