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Latest iPhone Mobile App Development Trends

Today, technology is evolving at a rapid pace and living in such a technology-based world, it is important for every person to walk with the current market trends. With the technological changes in the market, the use and trend of SmartPhones are making people addicted towards its usage. This is the reason why business owners are involving more and more in the mobile app development process. Everybody feels more comfortable while using the mobile app rather than the website. Android and iPhone apps are getting huge popularity all over the world and this is the reason that they are getting new trends in the mobile app development process. We are here to make you aware of the top iOS mobile phone technology trends that will help you to enhance the level of iPhone apps in the market.

Here is the list of latest iPhone mobile app development trends to follow :

  • Introduction of Swift 4.1 by Apple

Apple has introduced a new version of Swift programming language on 29th March 2018, i.e. Swift 4.1 that supports both iOS and Linux operating system. The need for updating iOS versions is realized because technology is changing every single day and everyone likes to be updated with the current version. Mobile app development should be performed using the latest versions of programming languages. Swift 4.1 is a robust platform having full scalability and security while developing iPhone apps.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Siri will boom

SIRI is a widely known personal assistant invented by Apple for the sake of iPhone users. Having enormous capability in providing personal assistance to iPhone users, SIRI is exploring its reach using the strong essence of Artificial Intelligence. SIRI is the latest mobile trend emerging for the sake of iPhone users and it offers a GPS pin for sending messages. The new SIRI can help you more as it can behave as a task manager for accessing your mobile application together with a QR code.

  • New changes in the machine learning framework

Core machine learning is a kind of framework provided by Apple and is used across diverse Apple products like Camera, SIRI and QuickType. It offers high performance and permits the developers to benefit the machine learning models and build the smart apps just with a few lines of code. Core machine learning provides a better level of communication that is implied for all the iOS devices having a robust library. iOS game developers will get a huge benefit from developing AI-enabled gaming apps having highly interactive features like face detection and voice recognition.

  • User-friendly Apple Pay

In today’s time, Apple is very quick in making revolutionary changes for the benefit of people. Apple Pay is developed by Apple Inc. for the need for reliable and secure digital transactions. This online wallet application offers flexible and smooth online transactions, buying different tickets, online shopping over a highly secured platform. That’s the reason for which Apple Pay is getting huge importance around the world.

There are so many trending apps available in the App Store but users’ choice apps are only those ones that work properly without any fluctuations. With the evolving digital world, it has become very important to adopt the emerging trends in business. We at Narmadatech being a leading Website And Mobile App Development Company In India hold huge experience in developing the best iPhone mobile app as per the clients’ demand.

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