Enabling You Achieve Your Business Goals with Sophisticated and High End Node.js Development Services. Our Team of Highly Skilled Node.js Developers Enables Us to Deliver Creative and Result Oriented Node.js application Development Services.
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What is Node.js and why do we use it?

Node.js is a server-side runtime environment based on JavaScript. What it means in practice, is that you can use JavaScript for backend development. And for your business, it equals one thing – unification – as skilled JavaScript developers, like those working at Narmadatech, can take both of frontend and backend of your app.  If you’re wondering what is Node.js used for, we have a simple answer for you: scalable applications. Its because Node.js is a very fast and lightweight framework, ideals for so-called asynchronous programming. 

Benefit Your Node.js

We are highly experienced in delivering the top class Node.js Development Services

Microservice-ready approach

Great technology for migrating your online business from monolithic architecture to microservices.



processes which aren't dead-locked, making it easier than ever to build scalable systems


Free & Open Source

Open-source project, released under MIT license, with a huge community and hundreds of add-ons



Ability to execute multiple actions concurrently, thanks to the magic of asynchronous programming.


Seamless user experience

No buffering when the user launches the app, as Node immediately starts outputting chunks of data


Real-time communication

WebSocket support, extremely useful when creating apps which require quick communication in real time.

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We make almost every gener of Application

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Nate Bartlett

Great guys to work with. They understood everything that I needed, and completed the project for me on time, and on budget. Communication was excellent, and they were always available to answer questions. I will be using them again in the future.

Chris Giles

Sanat and the team at Narmadatech are a wonderful team. They are fantastic and quick communicators. If there is a problem they are always willing to solve it. It was a difficult project and they persisted with enthusiasm.

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