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5 Proven Tactics To Improve Open-Rates In Your Email Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, email marketing is considered as the most affordable and efficient ways to engage your targeted customers consistently. Making an investment in email marketing open rates allows brands to generate a huge amount of revenue through mobile marketing, social media promotions, search engine marketing and display advertising. But in order to ensure the message is conveyed properly, brands need to pay attention towards improving some crucial metrics such as open rates, forwards and click-through rates.

Talking specifically about the open rate, it is a percentage of a number of recipients who have opened your mail. This is also an indicator to know how much subscribers interested in your services.

Here are 5 proven tactics to improve open rates in email marketing:

  • Catchy Subject Line:Your subject line plays an important role to improve open rate of your business-generating emails. You can add a curious question, the command, the announcement or the teaser to make catchy subject lines for email marketing and be straightforward about the purpose of your email.
  • Make Your Email Mobile Responsive: Many studies have shown that approx. 65% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Also, you should ensure that your mail loads quickly and easily accessible on tablets and smartphones. Otherwise, your email recipients will delete your message as it is will be too frustrating to load and read the message.
  • Create Urgency: When you create urgency through email or set a certain period of time for recipients to avail your offer, you will increase the chances that more and more recipients will avail your services.
  • Write Engaging Content: The content written in your email is absolutely vital to improve your open rate. If your subscribers find your content engaging, then they are more likely to open your future emails and this will help you to increase your business prospects.
  • Best Time To Send An Email: It is advised to find the best times to send B2B emails when your readers are most likely to open and read your sent mail. You can send mail during different times of the day and track at what time your email gets the highest open rate.

Apart from this, you should keep the email formatting simple and use small images in order to minimize load time.  All the aforementioned ways are very beneficial to get better open rates for any marketing campaign. Now, if you are looking for the best company offering services to improve your email marketing tactics so that you get higher open-rates, then NarmadaTech is a name you should take into consideration. We are known for delivering outstanding results through our effective email marketing services. Our expert team holds extensive knowledge in the field of digital marketing and meet your app promotion, content marketing, conversion optimization needs in the best possible manner.

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