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5 React Native Features That Lead to Hassle-Free Mobile App Development

In this hi-tech business world, the demand for an efficient User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design is increasing progressively to attract targeted customers. Whether it is about web development or mobile app development, the process demands tireless efforts and unique emphasis to get the flawless outcome. With so many technologies available such as Node, Angular, Vue etc., Facebook introduced React Native framework to make the coding easier for developers. It is a JavaScript framework, gaining worldwide popularity to develop engaging mobile applications for both Android and iOS with a single JavaScript codebase in a seamless manner.
React Native is a sought-after alternative for developing captive solutions and requires fewer resources as there is no necessity for separate Android and iOS teams. It is basically a technology which rivals iOS’s Storyboard/ XIB/ Coding with UI libraries or Android’s XML/ Constraint layout approach. Whether it is about the user interface, codebase or native modules, apps built with React Native are second to none.
Features of React Native that make the process of creating mobile apps easy and time-efficient are enlisted below:

  • The Java Library: The combination of JavaScript and HTML syntax simplifies the process of writing codes for the proposed project. As the JS library is comprised of specific functions that convert the HTML components into the required features and make the whole project clear and easy to understand.
  • Components Reusability: Using React Native allows developers to reduce their efforts by reusing the components while ensuring the flawless performance of applications.

  • Proper Data Binding: Apart from making coding easier, it offers a reliable option of one-way data binding that helps to track any changes made in the data segment.
  • JSX: It can be the best markup syntax which is resembles HTML very closely as it is more like the combination of XML and JavaScript that makes building blocks of React UI and components easier.
  • Declarative: It offers simple and declarative views to make code more readable and easy to update when the data changes, Also, it is easier to debug the code while making react programming.

Nowadays businesses are on the look-out for a mobile app development company that can help them to flourish their business, with a user-friendly engagement through new technologies. They opt for feature-rich and responsive mobile apps that require a strict process for software development.
Well, React Native easily adapts to mobile app development and helps to gain final output that exceeds the client demands. NarmadaTech Team strives hard to build react app based on the revolutionary JavaScript- React Native for the clients’ hail from different regions of the world.

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