ReactJS is basically an open-source JavaScript library which helps to build impressive user interfaces (UI) specifically for single page web applications. Developers can observe reactive component hierarchies, discover parent and child components and inspect their current props and states.
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Why do we use React JavaScript Library?

ReactJS helps in making frontend development extremely fast and at the same time handy for every user. All in all, React was created by the team behind Facebook – forerunners of innovative webinterface solutions. its quite simple: when you mix top-notch web development and business-focused approach, what you get is React. 

React is a perfect solution when you need to develop a Single Page Application. In accordance with the isomorphic app logic, you can reuse most of the client-side code to render it on the server side when using React. But that’s not all. Thanks to a framework called React Native, you can also use React to develop hybrid mobile apps! In fact, React is arguably the most popular JavaScript library nowadays – and its popularity is still growing. What does it mean for your business? It’s simple: with such a huge community, your web application can be totally future-proof.

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