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We live in a world where about 6,000 new apps are released every day on the Google Play Store, about 380 new websites are created every minute, and a new user is added to social media every 6 seconds. Our clients want to enter and be competitive in this world, and that’s where we come in. We provide services that allow our clients to thrive in the complicated landscape that is the internet. 

Due to the competitive nature of this world, we appreciate our clients choosing us to create their software. We try our best to achieve our client’s goals’ and to maximize client retention. Our version of a “good job” comes through reviews and feedback our clients leave us on our Clutch profile. 

Clutch is a reviews and ratings website that helps businesses find their perfect solution provider. NarmadaTech Solutions is featured on Clutch as top-rated companies for digital marketing in India. 

One of our long-standing clients is a digital agency that does product, web, and marketing development. They’ve been working with us for a few years now as they outsource some of their work to us. The client has been satisfied with our work ethic over the years, and we thank them for leaving a review on our profile!

We believe communication is the key to success. Our clients need to trust us to develop their software, and we want them to be updated at every turn to ensure the development of the best possible software. 

“We use Trello, Slack, Skype, and email. It’s really effective because they keep everything updated.”  – Owner, Digital Media Firm

Another one of our clients was a project manager at a cricket gaming company. They enlisted us to develop their website and build the site’s user interface, database, and an integrated payment gateway system. Since the company was in Australia, we worked hard to ensure our communication was timely and delivery was perfect.













Our whole philosophy is to be as present as we can for our client. We are glad to see that they noticed our dedication and appreciated it!

“They are problem solvers. With any digital project, something always goes wrong, at least in my experience. This was no problem for these guys. When faced with an issue they worked the extra pace to problem solve it.” — Project Manager, Cricket Gaming Company

Our clients can also observe our profile on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, a business know-how website that conducts review-focused evaluations, which featured us under the top 50 full-service digital agencies in India.

We would like to take a moment to thank our clients for working with us. It is a true pleasure to build your software. Our team loves the moment when a client receives their software and tests it out for the first time; the excitement and the joy is why we do what we do.

It’s important for us to realize that in this industry, about 60% of small businesses invest in a website. Why don’t you? Email us today!


5 Proven Tactics to Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

Do you know that why it is important to optimize your Facebook business page? Well, you may wonder after knowing the fact that your Facebook business page is not just a static marketing tool, it’s a reliable source to generate and convert new leads, boost SEO, and increase more sales.

Every business has their specific Facebook page where they post the new updates and information about their brand, services and products. Creating an engaging and professional experience on your Facebook page helps to increase your brand visibility while getting qualified sales leads. There are certain tactics you must follow for Facebook business page optimization that benefit you for the long run. Have a look at those tactics:

  • Select the Suitable Name: It is absolutely important to select the suitable name for your Facebook business page as it becomes permanent when you choose it.
  • Complete Your Profile: You should ensure that your business profile including the cover photo, bio and related info are up-to-date, that makes your audience engaged with your posts associated with your services and products.
  • Personalize Your Tabs: Apart from the basic tabs such as “About”, “Photos”, and “Events”, you should use some personalized tabs as per your services and products in order to entice buyers.
  • Add a Call to Action Button: You can make use of a relevant call to action button for your Facebook page such as Contact Us, Call Now, Sign Up, Send Message, Shop Now, Learn More and so on.
  • Pin Posts to the Top: This is one of the important tactics to optimize your Facebook business page. You can pin the posts which are time-sensitive like upcoming contests and events with deadlines. Also, you can spotlight your best content such as ebook, blog post and press releases.


With so many digital marketing companies available in Indore, offering top-of-the-line Facebook ad optimization solutions, it becomes easy to optimize your social media pages, especially on Facebook. But choosing the company that offers comprehensive solutions for the same that match your requirements is quite difficult, you should always avail social media optimization services from any reputed and trusted digital marketing firm.

NarmadaTech is one such reputed IT and digital marketing services provider in Indore, where you can get the best solutions to boost your Facebook business page at affordable prices. We have a highly skilled team of Social Media Marketing and management experts that can easily handle your Facebook business page, social bookmarking, social media audit, advertising and paid campaigns.


Which Social Media Platform You Should Use For Your Business And Why?

Nowadays, there is no longer any question that social media is one of the vital tools for all your marketing efforts. If you want to get instant popularity and success in your business, you have to remain active in today’s endless online world. It has been estimated that around 92 percent of marketers prefer to use social platforms to increase their brand exposure up to the great extent. This is the best way to grab the huge opportunity and reach the group of your targeted customers.

However, choosing the social media platforms that meet your expectations to increase your brand credibility is overwhelming for many marketers. There are a plethora of social media platforms available having different features. To leverage from them, you have to narrow down your choices while start determining your goals. here we made it simple for you by listing features and benefits of top social media platforms.

• Facebook: This is one of the most popular and largest online platform with more than 2 billion monthly active users all over the world. this can be considered as the best one if you want to generate leads, target audience and build business relationships. You can keep your customers updated about your brand, new products, services or any event happening in your company.

• LinkedIn: LinkedIn is usually the no.1 choice for people who look for the best social media platforms for business and if their only goal is lead generation. This is also the ideal platform for editorial content as it helps your company to establish as the most trusted and reliable name in your specific business domain.

• Pinterest: It is most popular saying that “images speak louder than words“. If you want to attract more customers while earning a huge profit, Pinterest can be considered as the best social media platform you can rely on. Whether it is about food, fashion, art, decor, travel or any other business, it becomes easier to showcase them by using stunning and astonishing photographs.

• Twitter: Twitter is the best business social media sites if your company is about immediacy. You can reach out your followers quickly with announcements, breaking news as well as the moment information. These days, all sort of businesses are using Twitter to get benefit from its amazing features.

Now, if you have your account on all these social media platforms, but need assistance to connect with your targeted audience, then it is recommended to get the best SMO (social media optimization) services from any reliable company such as NarmadaTech. We know each and every aspect regarding SMO, thus we can boost your social media page by posting relevant, engaging and quality content. From a wide range of plans to choose, you can opt for the one that suits the best to your requirements.


Top 5 Social Media Analytics Tools of 2018

Social media has captured the whole market with its amazing and with this rise, every single person is getting addicted to its usage. It is assumed that around 80% of people are purely indulged in using different social media platforms as per their needs. From the business point of view, social media is making a huge impact on different industries. These social platforms are providing different ways to do promotional activities that will make their business get recognized all over the world.

Here, one important thing comes in the mind i.e. while running different social media campaigns, how to track the result of these campaigns? The answer comes with the name of social media analytics that provides the best way to track the performance of campaigns and see whether they are doing right and expected or not. There are many types of social media analytics tools that business people are using to track the performance of their social media campaigns.

Below is the list of top 5 social media analytics tools of 2018

  • Sprout Social

Every businessman should know how to track their social media campaigns for improving them and getting the desired result. Using Sprout Social media analytics tool, you can track as well as monitor your all types of social campaigns which are running on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and all such in a single platform. Having all the information at one place is very convenient and time-saving process that will help you to compare the result of your efforts across different profiles as well as the platform.

Sprout Social
  • Snaplytics

Snaplytics is used for analyzing the whole data as per the number of snaps present on your campaigns. If we talk about Snapchat, then it comes under such major social networks that provide the least amount of access right to measure the data on the performance basis. Apart from the comment and viewing section, you can collect more data using Snaplytics. Also, Snaplytics has the capability to provide the customers right to get the Instagram stories insight.

Sprout Social
  • Iconosquare

Iconosquare is the best social media analytics tool which is specially used for getting insights into Facebook and Instagram. The best feature about this tool which makes it unique from other tools is that it has the capability to provide the insights of your pictures and videos. Also, this tool helps to get the Instagram stories insights. Iconosquare social media analytics tool is recommended for businesses and brands who are heavily investing in the Instagram marketing.

Sprout Social
  • Tailwind

We all know that Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter are some of the most popular social media platforms worldwide but Pinterest is also considered as the active platform. No matter what is the platform, it is always important to measure the performance of every social media campaign. Tailwind is the most popular third-party analytics tool for Pinterest which helps to get the important insights of the Pinterest platform. Also, you can track the number of followers and customer engagement and analyze the audience for enhancing the whole campaign to work more effectively.

Sprout Social
  • Google Analytics

We cannot call Google Analytics technically a “social media monitoring tool”. With the use of Google Analytics, you can track the performance of your social media campaigns. Also, you can measure your social ROI with the help of Google Analytics tool. You can track how many customers are coming on your website and at what time and from which location, also you can measure traffic on your website using Google Analytics Tool.

Sprout Social

With the growing technology trends of today’s world, it has become an essential task to stay updated and competitive. You must have full knowledge of all the social media analytics tools of 2018 which are mentioned above in this blog. NarmadaTech delivers state-of-the-art social media solutions to take advantage of emerging trend of social networking in every spectrum.


How To Use Twitter Analytics For Tracking Social Campaigns

Twitter has become the fastest-growing social media platform which is used by all types of people worldwide. But how you are tracking all the promotion activities which are performed on this platform. Twitter actually has its own Twitter Analytics which is an inbuilt tool and used for tracking the social media activities done by you on this platform. Perhaps it happens that people forget about the existing twitter analytics tool and keeps searching a way to track the customer engagement on the social media campaign.

If you are not aware of the Twitter Analytics tool, then take a look at the data that you can view and measure the customer engagement on your social campaigns.


1. Accessing Twitter Analytics

Using Twitter Analytics is very simple as you just have to visit the website and click on the sign-in button before you enter your normal Twitter details like username and password to use your Twitter account. The data will start for capturing when you will sign-up and not able to see any data right away so that it’s very important to first signed-up immediately.

Twitter analytics 1

When you will get the data, after that you will able to discover a wide range of features and metrics like –

  • Level of engagements
  • Tweet activity
  • Follower stats
  • Location of your followers
  • Demographics of your audience


2. Navigation through the dashboard

After log-in, you will see the home dashboard that will offer a summary of 28 days of your work done on your Twitter profile. The whole summary will help you in knowing the overall information of the number of Tweets that you had posted every month along with the gained total impressions, the number of profile visits and followers and obviously this will increase your Twitter reach. Also, you will get a benefit of scrolling down and viewing the statistics segment for every month that covers –

  • Number of top Tweets based on the key metrics
  • Top mention based on the number of accounts engaged with the real Tweet
  • Top follower based on the number of followers of individual account

The features of the dashboard have the power to make it easy to gain insights and overview of the last 28 days. Also, it allows comparing the whole data performance every month.


3. Tracking engagement for single Tweets

As shown in the below image, click on the “Tweets” tab which is represented on the top side of your profile and termed as the navigation bar. After clicking it, you will able to view the whole insights which are presented on the profile for every single user.

Twitter analytics 3

You will able to see the metrics data which is related to your all Tweets, promoted posts, and replies and all these you will able to see if you are making use of Twitter Ads to boost the impressions.

Every single tab has different data to show

  • Impressions – It shows user data like how much time the user saw the post on Twitter.
  • Engagements – It shows for how much time the user was engaged or interacted with you on your Tweet, covering clicks on links, hashtags, username, profile, replies, tweet, and favorites.
  • Engagement rate – It shows the whole engagement time the user has with you on your Twitter profile which is separated by the total number of impressions.


4. Exporting full data

One of the top features of the Twitter Analytics free tool is its capability to enlarge the range of dates for exporting the data in the CSV file. You can make a proper twitter hashtags analytics by viewing the detailed data. For doing this, navigate your cursor towards ‘Tweets’ and select the range of dates which is present on the right-hand top corner of the page. The default calendar settings allow to see the last 28 days’ data but you can extend the date range or parameters using the sidebar menu options.

Twitter analytics 4

Choose the required date range and set it by clicking the icon which is placed at the top of the page. When you will see the full data in the excel will make it simple to separate and get the data that you need.


Twitter analytics 5

If you are thinking to build a social media report for your business, you must have data that can be export before you analyze the data and metrics and then add in the results. NarmadaTech is doing a fabulous work by delivering the top class digital marketing and analytics services. Track your social media analytics and prepare more effective campaigns for the promotion of your business all over the world.



How to Launch Paid Marketing Campaign On Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social networking platform now owned by Facebook, Inc. Business owners are moving towards Instagram advertising and adopting the trend of creating new Instagram ads for reaching more and more audiences for the brand promotion need. It has been observed that there are more than 800 million active monthly users on Instagram and among which 65 percent of users come under 30 age group. Instagram has become more and more popular with the growing addiction of using social networking sites among all types of people. More than 2 million companies are using Instagram Ads for reaching the targeted audiences, engaging followers, and promoting their products.



Let’s Understand How to do paid marketing on Instagram? 

Step 1 –

Create your campaign and choose its objective

First, you have to choose an editor for creating your campaign. With the help of different tools, you can create Instagram ads like Ads Manager, Power Editor, Facebook Ads API and more such. After choosing the tool, you have to state all the information regarding your company size, and a number of ads you are planning to run. After selecting the editor as per your Ads need, you will able to view all the campaigns and create a new campaign.

As the below image shows there are many different objectives of the campaign that you have to choose for your campaign. If you want to make your ad eligible to appear on the Instagram platform, you must select a short list. Selecting this option, you will able to name your campaign which is although an important step.



Step 2 –

If you are thinking to start working on Instagram ads, in that case, make sure that you are targeted right audience group. In this step, you will the platform that will let you choose the targeted audience as per your industry type. You can create a custom audience for reaching out to people who are already attached to your business or lookalike audience to reach people who are a valuable audience zone.


Step 3 –

This step differentiates the whole process of setting up ads on Facebook vs. Instagram. To move forward setting up the paid marketing campaign on the Instagram platform, you are required to uncheck the boxes excepting “Instagram”.



Step 4 –

Setting the budget and schedule for the Instagram Ads is the most essential step. You have two options while setting the budget i.e. daily budget or a lifetime budget for setting your campaign.

Daily budget 

The daily budget will set your ad to run throughout the day and the algorithm will run automatically to analyze the per day spending. Don’t forget that the minimum budget for daily ads depends on the type of campaign you are choosing.

Lifetime budget 

The lifetime budget sets your Instagram ads for a defined time and the ads algorithm will judge your overall spending which is defined for the specified period of time.

The other to set your ad budget is by scheduling it. You need to choose when you want to start your campaign and when to finish it. There are different options to set the required parameters for running your ads as per the defined hours in a day or on which days of the week. You can get this scheduling options in the “Ad Scheduling” section.



Step 5 –

In this step, you can make your ad look more creative by choosing different options that are available.

You can choose your format and this from where the whole creativity comes into the picture. You can add different images, slideshows, and videos as per your Instagram Ads need and of course having the pure impact your business brand to promote it effectively. Also, you can choose multiple images and multiple videos in your Instagram Ad by choosing the option.


You will find many different options on Instagram for your Ad 


Step 6 –

Set up your page and link it by connecting your Facebook Page with your Instagram account. Choose the Facebook page on which you want the ads to come from your account, even if you don’t want the ads to run on the Facebook. Click the “Add Account” section for connecting your Instagram account with your Facebook Ad Account.

If you are not having an account on the Instagram platform, still you can run the ads on the Instagram as they will come from the business Facebook Page. Your Facebook Page Name and the Profile Picture will be utilized for representing your business in your ad when it will run on the Instagram.

Add the website URL to drive more traffic, add a headline, create a caption, select a call-to-action button for running the paid campaign successfully. Using the “Advanced Options” section, you can edit the campaign like it contain options like adding tags, entering URL parameters, setting up sponsors, changing your display link and more such.



Step 7 –

This is the final step in which you are ready to place the order as everything is set to go. You just have to click the green button which is present on the justify bottom corner and on which “Place Order” is written.

Check everything before you press the place order button because your ads have huge potential to make a strong impact on a wide range of audience.


Above-defined is the complete process of paid marketing on Instagram. You can benefit your business by running the paid marketing campaign on the Instagram platform. At NarmadaTech, we have the best digital marketing team who is talented and smart enough to handle the whole paid marketing process on different social media platforms.


Understanding Facebook Insights to monitor Social Campaigns


Social media is a powerful platform which is used by all businesses to spread their identity in this digital world. In such a competitive world, it is imperative to make use of the famous social media platforms and make your strong identity in the market. Here the important point comes which states that how to track Facebook insights? It is very simple and can be done using social media analytics solutions. It is important to track your social media activities for analyzing the result because without knowing the result status, you cannot proceed further. Facebook is the world’s best and most-famous social media channel is highly used for promoting your business brand more effectively.

First, let’s understand what is Facebook Insights

Facebook insights is used for tracking user interactions on the business Facebook page that allows you to get all the information about the content like the page is performing well or not. Facebook page analytics is used for getting all the information based on the activity of users. Admin has all the rights and access of the insights who have full permission to edit or view your business page profile.

The information which is known with the help of Facebook page is highly valuable because it helps you to know –

• Number of posts that get the highest likes, shares and comments.

• Introduction and reach of your updations

• Percentage list of males and females following your business page.

• Location of your followers like from which city and country they came from.

• Common time or day to post the content.

With all the above information, you will get to know about the performance of your shared content. Information like at what time the content should get posted, what type of content is getting a huge response and what is the best time to share the content on your business page. That’s why Facebook analytics is highly used for tracking all the activities of your Facebook page.

All you need to know about Facebook Insights

For accessing Facebook page insights, first, you have to login to your Facebook account. After the login, you will see the “Insights” button on the top left button on your page which is placed in between of the “Notifications” and “publishing Tools” button.

Facebook insight

This section gives you a broad picture of everything about your page in the last week. The three most important measurements are:

• Page likes: How many people liked your page.

• Post reach: How many people have seen your posted content.

• Engagement: How many people liked, shared, or commented on your posts.


Page Likes

Facebook page likes

This section provides the detailed page likes. The key metrics are:

• Total Likes: It means the total number of page likes over the period of 28 days.

• Net Likes: It shows the new likes i.e. new likes minus unlikes.

• Where These Likes Happened: It shows the source of your new likes., such as direct visits, page suggestion, from mobile or desktop.


Post Reach

Facebook post reach

This section provides an overview of how many people have seen your posted content and how they interacted with it. The key metrics are:

• Post Reach: The total number of people who have seen specific post and further segregated in organic and paid reach.

• Likes, Comments and Shares: How much positive engagement the page have got. Higher the number means better interaction of posts.

Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes: It shows the negative engagement on your page. High level of negative engagement decrease the reach of page in future.

Total Reach: The total number of people who have seen the activities of your page.



Facebook visits

This section shows that how many people are visiting your page and their source. The key metrics are:

• Page and Tab Visits: The total number of times the individual page or tabs has been viewed.

• External Referrers: The total number of times visitors came to your Facebook page from other websites (non-Facebook websites).


Analysing the Facebook Page Insight will provide the best idea to share the content on the right day and time for getting huge visitors on your shared content. That’s why it is important to monitor your social media plan through Facebook Analytics for meeting the targeted goal. It is clear that Facebook Page Insight is an important aspect and should be focused on achieving targeted success in your business. NarmadaTech is a reputed digital marketing company having 7+ years of experience in delivering the out-of-box digital services. Our digital marketing experts are extremely talented and filled with knowledge to handle different types of digital marketing projects.


Why Social Media Analytics Is Beneficial For Your Business

If you are using different social networking sites for promoting your business, then it’s important to track all the results. For this reason, social media analytics is used to get all the data like a number of likes, clicks, engagement, shares and all such information. This information is important for understanding that the campaign you are running is effective or need some modification to get the best result. Social analytics will help you in creating different ways to leverage your business by creating effective social media campaign strategies.

Below are some top points that justify why social media analytics is beneficial for your business

  • Strong engagement with your targeted audience group

At times it happens that different business keeps thinking about the brand engagement and targeted audience group. But with the use of social analytics, you can get all the information about your social media platforms that how much traffic, engagement you are getting from the targeted audience group. This information can be found by using social analytics tool. You should make full use of social media analytics tool for getting all the required information which is useful for improving your social media campaigns.

  • Monitor your competitors

Tracking your competitors will add extra benefit in staying ahead from your competitors. As everybody is making full use of social media platforms it is important to stay unique in the market for getting client attention. There is a huge competition in the market and this is the reason which calls the demand for using social analytics for monitoring your competitors.

  • Identification and engagement with your customers

The most important thing that is essential for business owners to focus on is to find the engagement of your targeted customers. If you are using special media platforms for the purpose of promoting your business, it is highly essential to make use of social media analytics tool for keeping the track of your customers and different brand advocates. Monitoring your social media sites will make you aware of the current state of your campaign so that if something is not going right then you can make the necessary changes.

  • Keep an eye on the evolving industry changes

In such an evolving era, it is very important to stay up-to-date with the current industry changes to keep your business competitive. Whatever is your targeted business theme, you just have to stay competitive in your business area. This will definitely help you in getting good profits in your business and you will able to attract more and more audience to your website. With the help of social analytics, you can track everything that you are showing by running an effective social media campaign.

  • Enhanced customer bonding

In today’s time, social media platforms are the fastest platforms for doing instant and effective communication. You should respond to your customer as soon as you get any type of complaint or even appreciation from their side. This will make your good image and in this manner, you can reach as many clients as you want to and can explore your business worldwide.


If you are also looking for the best social media analytics services, then you must choose NarmadaTech which is a leading Digital Marketing Company in India.


Roles and Importance of Social media marketing

If you agree that in today’s era you start a business you have to create a website to reach more customers. Many people globally promote their work, products, services, by creating their online presence.

But only using a search engine to promote your website has become an old trend. Now there are more options available one of them is social media marketing so u can ask that : 

  • Why social media?
  • What are the benefits of social media marketing?
  • why is social media beneficial to promote your brand?
  • Why should you use a social media platform to promote your product or service?
  • Why u need to use social media marketing while you can only use only search engine optimization?

Well, it is estimated that there are 2.46 bn active social media users are around the globe and trust me it is a really big number that means social media has made its own reach. There are users who are associated with different social groups, companies, countries and so on. 

Why Social Media Marketing?

  • Cost-effective

Yes, it is very cost-effective and if I say cost-effective I meant cheap. As we know that a traditional marketing campaign has involved tv, radio, print ads, etc. and if u choose one of them such as tv ads it will cost you in millions similarly radio and print ads also demand a lot of expense.

While using social media you just need to create a profile and that is it. You just need to maintain the consistency of posting content related to your brand or services on social sites. Social media provides you an easy reach of customers. You can register your site on different popular sites and maybe you need to spend a little money on different sites but the result you get from it is worth.

  • Customer Reach

As we have mentioned it before that there are 2.46 bn active users are on social media. Yes, they all are not your customers but it’s really easy to target your customer while using social media.

Every social site has a database of its users and you just need to choose the categories which have provided by these sites. You can choose them by age, gender, qualifications, their work etc.

The best thing about social media promotion is it will only pop up to those whom you want them to see.

  • Improves your ranking on search engine

Ranking on 1st page on the search engine, you need to get popular. And that is what social media do for you, although It does not directly affect the ranking  using it smartly can definitely give some good results

To rank your site more on the search engine you have to make sure that you should create high-quality content which also integrates your selective keywords of your companies services to boost your page. Your content like infographics, blogs, business information should more relevant which will help to make your site more engaging and credible.

  • Brand awareness

Social media platforms have good reach. It is easy to promote your brand on social media once you have created your profile on different social media platforms make sure that you already have uploaded some good content in your different social media platforms to get engagement for users then tell your employees, other associates, business partners, sponsored partners to like and share about your brand and services you offers

It will help in increasing your brand awareness. It is also helpful to give updates about your companies and services which is time-saving.

  • Effective brand recognition

Brand recognition is one of an important goal of every company’s marketing strategy. It is really important that your consumer should know about your brand. While using traditional media it needs hard work to reach your target segment especially when your target segment size is big.

While using social media it has become really easy to reach your target customer from different and you also don’t need to buy different media to promote your brand again and again. You can implement a good target marketing strategy and design a campaign as this will help you to boost your brand recognition to your target customers.

  • Increase conversion rate

One of the best advantage of social media promotion that a strong strategy helps you to increase your customer conversion rate. Social media followers tend to have more trust in your brand which influences them to visit your site. You also keep them updated about your services and how these services are beneficial for them at the same time start interacting with your audience and make them feel that they are very important part of your business.


What Is Social Media Optimization And How It Is Beneficial?

There is no doubt that the social media is one of the most amazing creations of the 21st century. Every news even from the farthest region of the world can reach the single person in few minutes with the help of social media.  it can also be considered as the next wave of digital marketing for improving search results of website. Social media optimization is basically referring to the creation of engaging posts that can be shared through different social channels. It is the best medium for businesses to reach their targeted customers in the short period of time.

How Social Media Optimization Can Benefit Your Business?

  • Website visibility: As the major portion of people these days are having their own social media accounts, social media optimization helps you to increase your website visibility on different social networks and interact with your targeted group of audiences.

  • Sharing quick updates: Whether you want to share the latest update of your brand, launch a new product, promote upcoming service or any important information, social media optimization is the best platform in the form of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

  • Creating business contacts: Social media optimization helps businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to create business contacts and share their details as per their preferences.

  • More Traffic: Social media optimization process help to get huge traffic on your website. With proper promotion of your website on different social media channels, your business will get a strong reputation and recognition among all the customers out there. And you can also track your traffic with the help of social media analytics.

In the current technology-based world, every single person is using social media platform for promoting their business. This is the best way through which you can build a strong identity of your business in the market. At NarmadaTech, we have the most capable and innovative digital minds who are doing a great job on the grounds of social media optimization. Our services are cost-effective and reliable to use and get the best result in your business.