Difference Between Industry Specific And Generic ERP Application

ERP system is getting a huge hype in the current growing market. It is assumed that if this growth will continue in this rate only, then every company will soon adopt an ERP application for managing the whole complex work of your organization. Whether you are running a huge company or a small start-up business, managing and handling different activities is an essential task. An online ERP application has all the potential to manage complicated things in a hassle-free manner.

Let’s see the difference between industry-specific and generic ERP application

Generic ERP System

Generic by its name suggests that it’s a kind of general purpose thing which is non-customizable. The ERP systems are made for the support of all kind of industry sectors. The best advantage of this application is it is a one fit system for all sectors. Also, it is highly affordable and usable application that can be installed and used in a flexible manner.

Industry-Specific ERP System

The industry-specific ERP application is utilized for particular industry sectors like manufacturing ERP system and more such industries. The industry having huge management and staff will always need a strong application to handle all such activities in a seamless manner. All such industry-centric application contains deeper functionalities that exactly match industry needs.

Important things to consider in the ERP selection process

  • Find the strong and weak points of your business area that you are thinking ERP system will find out and improve.
  • Think clearly that which section of your business area you want to automate and plan a strategy to manage all the business activities smoothly.
  • Determine the cost of the new ERP application that you are thinking to adopt in your business.
  • As your business is not static and not even the ERP system and this is the reason for which you have to find out the actual business needs and then choose the ERP system that will enhance your business productivity.
  • Check all the functionalities of the ERP application and find out its future scope for facing benefits in your business area.
  • Talk to the business owners who are managing their industry-related work with the full essence of the ERP system.
  • Take a demo for understanding the working of ERP application and then go for buying the ERP system that will work for your business area.

ERP solutions are playing a vital role in running different organizations smoothly. The industry sectors are growing with the smart and smooth working of ERP application as per their business needs. If you are also looking to adopt the ERP system in your organization, then you must first decide what kind of application you are looking for like industry-specific or generic ERP system.

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Why Your Company Needs An ERP Application

It is always difficult to manage all the processes of an organization in a streamlined manner. As the requirements of the company vary with the type of industry and number of employees. That’s why it is said that contacting the best ERP application development company will provide you with the right solution to manage the large and complex data of your organization in a hassle-free manner. Companies are moving to adopt the ERP application solutions as the need is getting higher to manage the whole massive data effectively. With the strong impact of an ERP system, you can effectively improve the productivity of your organization.

Important reasons for implementing ERP system in your organization

  • Improved operational efficiency

Deploying an ERP application in your company will improve the overall operational efficiency of your organization. If you will get stuck with irritating and complex manual processes, then obviously it will waste your money and time both. No matter what is the size of your company, whether its small or big company, with the strong essence of ERP application, you can operate all the things easily. Therefore, it is important to make use of the best ERP application  in your organization and get all the benefits attached to it.

  • Enhanced communication

With the use of ERP application, you can provide a strong medium of communication in the company and this will obviously result in higher productivity. The ERP system will provide a seamless communication between customers and suppliers to improve internal communication of your organization. This is the reason for rapid communication and response for facing smooth internal communication.

  • Informed management

Staying up-to-date in the organization is the prior need and for this, an informed management architecture plays an important role. There are so many departments in an organization and that’s how ERP system does its work. An ERP consultant can help the organization to get huge profits in many different ways. As they have full knowledge about the ERP system and knows how and where its use comes.

  • Improved performance management

An ERP application is responsible for manage every complex task of an organization and provides an effective way to deal with it. It takes care of all types of employees like from the senior level to junior level staff. When it comes to performance management then the ERP system is responsible for handling different tasks of an organization and empowers the organization to deliver the best result.

  • Effective inventory and production management

If you are running an organization where inventory and production management is required, in that case, ERP application is the best suit for fulfilling your business requirements. An ERP system is utilized for reducing the complicated tasks and processes that are present in an organization. Knowing the ERP system in deep, you will be able to follow the processes for managing your organizational needs accurately.


Living in the modern era involves staying updated with the essence of the latest application. This calls for adopting ERP system in your organization that will be used for handling all types of complex task in easy ways. NarmadaTech has got full expertise in delivering the best-in-class ERP application based on business needs of clients.