Google AdWords is Now Google Ads

Google has changed Adwords as Google Ads and all other advertising products have been consolidated into Google Ad Manager and Marketing Platform. It is as same as rose that smells sweet even if it is called by any other name. Similarly, Google Adwords being the most popular search engine generates bulk of the revenue across the industries even if its name is changed. The rebranding of Google as Google Ads is intended to make the platform easier and accessible for small businesses to advertise across various channels of PPC. And the enterprise-level businesses can also take the advantage of advanced intelligence and forecasting technologies.

Let’s understand the three brand new umbrellas of Google Ad products: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ads Manager.

google ads

For the launch of Google Ads, we are saying goodbye to Google Adwords, the most favorite advertising platform. Yes, you read it right. Google is vanishing the Adwords brand but only by name. This announcement was quite instigated by the mobile proliferation and shift of consumer-centric mindset. It will enable to reach more channels and more people as all the solutions are available in the same place.

Here is what you should know all about Google Ads

Google Ads ads

The elimination of Adwords brand is one of the most important piece of information in this announcement. The new brand, Google Ads represents the complete range of advertising capabilities, which is currently being offered by Google to help marketers connect with maximum people and let them find answers for their search, explore new places on Google Maps, watch videos on YouTube, discovering new applications on Play store, browse content over web etc. Unfortunately, many people think that Adwords is synonymous with search because the additional channels are folded in the similar interface and confuse many folks. But the fact is that Adwords had a lot to offer including video, banner, search creatives and many more from the same platform.

Now, Google is hoping that with the new and simpler name i.e. Google Ads will open many doors to expand the options of advertising without any confusions.

Google Marketing Platformads
This section is specifically for small businesses. Double Click or Analytics 360 does not exist anymore. Google Marketing Platform allows enterprise marketers (and the agencies that provide services to enterprises) to provide ad creative and analytics at the single location. This makes it way too easier for both the parties to plan, buy, optimize and measure the digital media and experiences of consumers at single place.

With the initiation of Google Marketing Platform, Google has also released the feature of Display & Video 360. It aims to enable the creative, media and agency teams to execute the advertising campaigns completely in a single location. The collaborative platform is very useful and simply can be considered as extremely neat platform for advertising.

Google Ad Manager ads

Google Ad Manager is a unified programmatic platform and designed to do more for Google partners – more earning, wherever people are playing games, watching videos, engaging with content. This programmatic platform is the combination of DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

The main highlights of Google Ad manager are its algorithm to suggest growth opportunities, provides intelligence for ad inventory, and connects Google Analytics, Data Studio, and BigQuery data for an integrated overview

Explore the New World of Google Ads

This rebranding effort is fueled by the growing needs of simple and accessible online advertising. We live in the current world of mobile-first, in which we initiate queries from mobile, research well, watch product videos on YouTube, provide credit card information, make payment through advanced technologies. Google is helping the advertisers to reach their target audience at different stages of marketing funnel and simply conveyed by Google Ads.

Complexity of Google’s advertising platforms has led to the need for simple solutions and that is the reason of rolling Google Ads in the market. The good things are that “Adwords” as a term is not going anywhere soon and campaigns running on Adwords won’t drop off page anytime soon. You can still search volumes of organic and paid search around “Google Ads” and “Adwords”.

What has changed?

Google’s new brands have rolled out already and committed more to ease and transparency. The regular campaign operations remain the same, it’s just that Google has streamlined the overall marketing and ad experience. The main focus of Google Ads is on the ease of multi-channel advertising, and integrating the elements of search, display, video for a more seamless experience. Google Ads offers “Smart Campaigns” or “Smart Ads” which can be created in some minutes. We at NarmadaTech offer 360-degree digital marketing services and can drive organic as well as paid traffic for more visibility, reach and profits.

Say Hello to Smart Ads with us…!!


Gmail 2018 update: Read more to know new features and how to get them


Gmail is the most popular email and recently, made massive official changes with an impressive visual redesign on the web. The new Gmail has rolled out globally and indicated that it won’t be available for all users but the invitations will be sent to opt in rather than being able to do it by themselves. The lead product manager of Gmail says that “the redesign was done to make people productive and safe.” It seems that the series of changes made by Google has a complete distinct sense and going to be treated more like customers of Google business, which is not at all a bad thing.

Here is everything you should know about the latest update

The update is primarily for the web version of email service and brings features of artificial intelligence and security. Are you curious to know what is new with Gmail?

    • Major redesigning – Gmail has been revamped totally and got a complete new look. Starting from Compose to sidebar of Gmail, everything is changes. Even there is a new bar on the right side for add-ons. Now, you can even click attachments sent in mail without opening the thread. And guess what, snooze feature in email!! Yes, you can hover over your messages to RSVP or archive or snooze mails. It is estimated by Google that Snooze feature can save over 100 million opens every month.
    • Confidential mode – It lets you create an expiry date for emails and you can also add two-factor authentication to ensure that the recipient access the email.

Gmail Confidential

    • Information rights – There are so many new controls to let you limit the activities of email recipients on your message. These controls are called as “Information rights Management”. You can remove the options of copy, forward, print, download in your message. It allows to secure your messages from being shared for wrong purposes.
    • AI integration – Finally, Google’s AI has been leveraged by Gmail. Gmail can remind you for responding to messages and with smart reply, you can respond to emails by using the auto responses. High-priority notifications are also shown with the help of AI and Gmail can also smartly recommend you to unsubscribe from mailing listing considering the number of emails sent by sender and your reading rate.
    • Tasks, add-ons and integrations – There is new side panel in the inbox of Gmail that allows to quickly create, edit or reference invites of Calendar or write notes. The third-party business apps can also be accessed easily through new side panel. Also, manage to-do-list in Tasks by creating tasks, subtasks and add notifications for due tasks. Still not enough.! Drag and Drop an email to Tasks to create a to-do and it will appear in your calendar.

Gmail Tasks

  • Security warnings – Google has identified the Business Email Compromise threats, when someone tries to impersonate to gain confidential information. For better prevention of phishing, Gmail warn users about the suspected email and recommend to move these type of messages to spam, that provides clear call to action.

How to get the new Gmail?

  • For Personal Gmail accounts – Login to your Gmail and click the gear icon in the top right corner. If the update option is available for you, you will be able to see the option “Try the new Gmail”.
  • For S Suite accounts – Ask admin to enable new Gmail on G suite account. The admin needs to go to the Admin console and allow users to access new Gmail. After this option is turned on, the user will get option of “Try the new Gmail” under Settings.