What is Website Audit and Why it is important?

The website audit is the best thing one will ever perform to understand all the lacking points of their website. If your website is not performing well online, then it might be possible that you are lacking somewhere to grab user attention. A website audit process will help in understanding all the negative or improving points of your website. By doing this, you can enhance the performance of your website and get good results on the search engine result page.

Here are some top benefits of having a website audit

1. Increase Conversion Rates
Website audit takes so much of time in analyzing the real cause of not getting the result on your website. There are so many things come under website audit like checking the top landing pages, the design, the content, call-to-action buttons and many more. Examining all such things takes months to understand where exactly you are getting the right response. This is the way from where you can increase your conversion rates.

2. Enhance Your Organic Search Visibility
Keywords play an important role in increasing the online visibility of your website on the search engine result page. If you are aiming to improve your organic search visibility, it is important to understand the SEO process and make a proper plan to execute a streamline SEO process. By following the best SEO practices, you can take your website on the top position of the search engine. Website audit will help to find out the lacking SEO tactics which are stopping your website to get a solid traffic.

3. Strong and Unique Content
A proper and deep website audit will check the things properly as you will get to know everything about your websites like bounce rate, page views, search engine indexing, traffic, and more such. Having a high-quality and unique content helps a website to make a good impression on the search engine as well as attracts a large user base to visit your website. The website content audit process will help to analyze the reasons for which your content strategy is getting affected.

Website Audit

Well, there are so many things that one needs to consider in the whole website audit process. If you are a business owner and have a website to represent your business, then you must improve the ranking of your website to shine on the search engine. For knowing all the positive and negative points about your website, plan a proper website audit process and make your website more visible on all search engines. NarmadaTech is a leading Digital Marketing Agency having years of expertise in handling diverse projects based on SEO, SMO and PPC and whole digital marketing process. Our digital marketing experts are highly qualified and skilled in managing all types of processes that meet user expectations. If you are looking for the website audit service, then our team can provide you with the best-in-class services that will satisfy your needs.


How You Can Leverage Your Business from Mobile App Development


In today’s era, the global mobile space is gaining incredible popularity with a wide variety of mobile applications that are making their presence to the great extent. To thrive in this vast economic environment, businesses need to get on to the bandwagon while getting introduced with highly functional and fast-paced multi-channel challenges for their targeted audience. With the expanding reach of digital platforms and mobile applications, businesses have taken a paradigm shift towards digitization and social media applications. The integration of mobile applications has truly complimented the positives offered by digital platforms and fulfilling the demands of this mobile savvy generation.

If you are also a business, selling an extensive range of products, having apps to advertise your business can help you to generate more leads while building strong customer relationships. thus, it can say that the mobile application development is associated with influencing human to machine interaction that bring your business to the next level.

Ways to Leverage Your Business from Mobile App Development

  • Connect Better with Customers: As around 2.6 billion people use highly-featured mobile devices, having your own mobile application helps you connect better with your customers. you can serve and stay connected with your customers through a solid mobile presence.
  • Boost Sales: With the increase in customer satisfaction, the graph of sales also increases. Also, when these satisfied customers give positives reviews about your products, the consumer demand grow unexpectedly that lead to great returns on your investment.

Boost Sales through mobile app

  • Ease and Convenience: Professional mobile apps for business marketing provides you with the ease and convenience of sharing your business information while promoting your services and products at any time and anywhere.
  • Affordable Access: You can easily have an affordable access to the extensive repository of information such as videos, e-catalogs, media files and much more online accessibilities.
  • Stand Out of the Crowd: One of the best advantage business can get through mobile app development is uniqueness. With a unique and interactive mobile app development, businesses can make their new pathway and stand out from the crowd.

There are several companies available offering mobile app development services, but NarmadaTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd is the best and reliable among all with vast experience and profound knowledge in the industry, NarmadaTech has gained a great reputation as a reliable provider of mobile app development services. We employ strategic planning, quality resources, and codes to accomplish customized mobile app development as per the business requirements.

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Know Why Blogging On an Open Source CMS Is Beneficial

Becoming a successful blogger is not as easy as it seems, it requires a lot of hard work and resources. First of all, you need to have a professional website, innovative ideas, a good quality content and then you need to publish the same on different online platforms for user engagement.  Now, when it comes to picking the best blogging platform, CMS content management system becomes to the most convenient choice for bloggers. It enables a blogger to create and publish an engaging content on the website.  Also, when you try to find out the best blogging platforms, you may come across the term “open source”.

Well, Open source is the proprietary form of software or a source code of the software, that helps in its operation. this is effective for a business that needs to be built on a framework, it allows web developers to check the internals of a machine and get the ways to emphasize the code to build a sort of applications through it. There are a plethora of open source content management systems available, but nothing is as reliable as WordPress and Drupal because of their ease, versatility, ease, support, and affordability.

Why Blogging on Open Source CMS is Beneficial?

  • Easy to Customize: Working or blogging on open source content management is quite easy as it is built to be extended. with a plenty of options and functionalities, it is often easier to customize as per the demands.  this also allows developers to integrate existing plugins from the scratch.
  • Cost- Effectiveness: Another benefit of utilizing the open source CMS is that it is cost-effective as compared to other systems. these days, developers strive to build more features of the system while releasing plugins in order to enhance its functionality.
  • Safe and Secure: Security has always been a major concern for bloggers and developers at the time of accessing the code. Well, open-source CMS keeps the data and website safe and secured.
  • Versatility: As open source CMS provides you with substantially more options, thus you can expect a great versatility that drives innovation. this versatility lets bloggers and developers provide the ultimate user experience without having any hassle of functionality that may encounter on the blog.

There are several companies available that are solely dedicated to building new WordPress plugins and templates in open source CMS, that simply means availability of more opportunities and options, but nothing is as reliable as Narmadatech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We are the fastest-growing software company in Indore, offering unbeatable open source content management system services at affordable prices. Our team holds extensive knowledge of state-of-the-technology and frameworks that are associated with CMS. Hence, what are you waiting for? Just opt for our open source CMS services that surpass all your expectations.

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