What Are The Best Techniques Of Keyword Optimization For Your Business?

Dealing with SEO tactics is a quite fast-paced game and that’s the reason many business owners fail to leverage from it. There are several tactics involve in SEO which includes canonicalization, mobile optimization, content marketing, link building, directory submission and so on. Keyword optimization is one such SEO tips and techniques that play an important role to drive qualified and huge traffic from search engines to your website.

Keyword optimization is an important organic SEO best practices in initial levels of vast search engine marketing, for both organic and paid search. Making subsequent efforts for keyword optimization helps in improving your website rankings and visibility.

Here are the best techniques for Keyword optimization:

  • Title Tags: Title tags play one of the most crucial roles to boost your strategies for keyword optimization in SEO. Well, it is effective to use keywords in title tags whenever possible, but don’t try to fit them if they don’t fit organically in your title tag.
  • Images: It is easy to win SEO-conscious marketers by adding keywords in the image file name as well as image alt text. Images that you insert within a blog lead you to gain huge benefits through SEO-boosting elements into your website.
  • Links: Links are another way where keywords can be helpful, but it is important to make sure that the URL structure of your website is concise and clean. Also, URLs should not be consisting of a lengthy string of alphabets.
  • Content: It is a good practice to use primary keywords in the first 100 words of your content. This not only helps in keyword optimization but also ensure you are getting to the core of the matter shortly.
  • Headings and Content: You can use your targeted keywords in the headings of your content as people more likely to visit and stay on the page where they see the terms they have entered in the search bar of Google. In this way, you can improve your strategies for keyword optimization while improving the SERP placement.

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5 tools to make your website SEO friendly

Every business needs a good marketing strategy to promote their product or services so it will reach the target audience. If you have a business website and willing to promote on various search engine then you should opt for digital marketing services, it will help your website to rank well in the search engines and your target audience can easily find you.  For internet marketing, there are various tools available which will be beneficial in making your website SEO friendly and marketers can easily optimise their website and can fix the bugs of their website.

Every digital marketer knows the importance of tools that can help them easily perform their everyday tasks. Most of the activities in digital marketing has been completed with the help of tools.

Following are the major tools that every marketer should know.  

1. Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is the product of Google AdWords advertising platform. It allows users to find the list of service-related keywords and analyze them for use in pay-per-click campaigns. The keyword planner is a paid search tool but its data is extremely useful for SEO. Almost all the marketers use keyword planner tool to get the idea of keywords related to the service category, products, and landing pages. With the help of keyword planner, you can identify average monthly search volume for a specific target area.

Benefits of using Google keyword planner

  • It is used to identify and swipe your competitor’s keywords.
  • You can quickly find local keywords on google keyword planner.
  • Tool is very useful for those who are looking for niche markets and other topics to blog about
  • You can create AdWords campaigns in a very simple and easy way.
  • Use it as a guide to creating a base structure for your site.

2.Google analytics

Google analytics is a free web analytics tools which can be accessed by everyone who has google account, it provides statistics and comprehensive analytic of your website and tracks the live activity of users with the proper analytic report this tool also very important for SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) activities.

Google Analytics offers you insights of how users find and use your website. With the help of Google Analytics, you can track ROI for your internet marketing.

You can shift and sort your visitors with many numbers of dimensions. You can seamlessly combine Google Products like your Search Console and Adwords account. You can track and also use tracking codes to tag any advertising, social or PR campaign on any website/platform.

All you have to do is to insert a small amount of “tracking code” on each page of your website. You can track your websites audience, target country and you can also track the goal conversion of your website. Analytics is the only tool which gives you the complete information about your website i.e. it will show the scorecard of your website and it is updated continuously.

Benefits of Google Analytics

  • This tool is free to use
  • You can get updates on your website’s report through emails
  • The major advantage of using this tool is that you can compare your current website’s status to the historical data and can evaluate how your website is working.
  • The data shown by this tool is more accurate than any other tool.
  • It shows the detailed stats of the visitors, in other words, you can see the complete information that via which source users are visiting your website i.e.direct, campaign, referring or by search engine
  • You can track the activity of the users that how much time they are spending on the particular page.
  • You can set the goals on the analytics so that it will give the number of leads that are coming to the website    

   3.Google webmaster 

Google Webmaster is the mechanism through which Google link with the website. This tool applies its algorithms to analyze your website and bring issues related to your website. All the efforts are directed towards users for providing a fast and bug-free website. Webmaster has many features through which we can calculate our site’s running speed and issues related to coding or design portion, some features of webmaster are 

  • HTML improvements
  • Data Markup Helper
  • Removing unnecessary URLs
  • Sitemaps
  • Content Keywords
  • Crawl errors

Through its searching related activities, keyword analysis, data loading activities, and site speed. Google Webmaster Tools offers you the detailed information of your SEO campaign. It has the ability to track every ongoing activities and behavior of your website that provides you perfect direction for your websites.


Semrush is a powerful competitive tool to determine backlinking and keywords ranking according to the search on monthly basis with proper analysis. It is a most important tool for social media marketing and online marketing by the use of it we can optimize the website. Using this tool you can create content according to a targeted audience and add keywords from low to high volume of search at the target region. Main features of semrush are –

  • Organic research
  • Backlinks
  • Advertising Research
  • Display advertising
  • Traffic analysis

Semrush shows you keywords that rank for your websites and the number of searches done for your keywords. This is very important information when deciding which page of your website to optimize on your site or which keywords to target when target audience.

5. GT matrix

GTMetrix is an application which offers a tool to help you analyze and optimize your website. Through this website, you get a free version with some basic

features unlocked, but paid plans are available for users, who have many websites and benefit to your website for analysis, with more targeting options,

more API access, regular URL monitoring, and PDF reports related to your website so you can easily examine it and explain to your developers or clients and make

website user-friendly and responsive. some of the main features are  

  • Get a summary of key performance indicators
  • Track performance with monitoring, graphs, and alerts
  • Test your page from multiple regions
  • Analyze your page on an actual Android device
  • Simulate devices, change screen resolution and more with the Developer Toolkit
  • Playback page loads with videos

GTMetrix is a tool that provides a slew of data that can make website optimization much easier – if you know how to properly utilize the data and implement changes. Also, real-time alerts from scheduled monitoring are used to maintain speed over time, and GTMetrix is very effectively providing these kinds of activities.