Why You Should Have a XML Sitemap and How to Create it?

Sitemaps are considered as the most important part of SEO process which is used for indexing a website on the search engine. Having an XML sitemap on your website will assist Google to read the number of URLs your website consists of. With the help of Google XML sitemap, you can easily crawl your website on the search engines. Basically, an XML sitemap is the roadmap of your precious website that helps Google to read all your web pages.

What is XML Sitemap and its Role In SEO

Here the question is “What is XML sitemap in SEO?” Or we can say that how XML sitemaps are benefiting in the SEO process? The answer is simple that these sitemaps are good for the SEO needs and it allows Google or any search engine to find the important website pages even if the internal linking is missed on the website.

The XML sitemap helps to provide some additional but important information about your URLs like when the URL was updated lastly, how frequently you make changes in the site, how the web page is important in relation with other web pages existing on the website. Having all the required information in one single document, you will help the search engine to get all the information about your website and crawl it more accurately.

Why Websites Require an XML Sitemap

As per the documentation of Google, XML sitemaps are useful for huge websites, websites having large archives, new websites having less external links, and websites having rich media content. XML sitemaps are beneficial for every website as every website wants Google to know when the website has been changed or updated their website content.

How To Create an XML Sitemap?

There are so many formats available for creating sitemaps and all the search engines like Google can recognize. The standard format you can follow is to use XML with commands, which are present on the official sitemaps protocol.

You can create a sitemap manually but it will take a long time especially in the case of larger websites as it requires huge knowledge and command on the XML markup language and the sitemap protocols.

There are many different tools available in the market including plug-ins which are used for the famous CMS systems like WordPress that can generate an XML sitemap in seconds.

Here is the list of online sitemap generators:

How To Get a Sitemap of Website

You don’t have to make huge efforts for creating the XML sitemap of your website. It is very simple as you just have to enter the URL of your website to create the sitemap.

XML Sitemap: Create such an XML sitemap that will get submitted to different search engines like Google, Bing and all such search engines to assist them to crawl your website more efficiently.

• Text Sitemap: Create a text sitemap for maintaining a plain list of your all web pages.

• HTML Sitemap: Generate an HTML sitemap that will allow the website visitors to navigate your website without any hassles.

How to Make Your XML Sitemap Easily Searchable by Google?

To make your XML sitemap get easily searchable by Google, you need to add the sitemap on the Google Search Console account. You can access the sitemaps in the search console by routing to the Crawl and then ticking on the Sitemaps. In this way, you will see if the XML sitemap is added to the search console or not. If the sitemap is not present in the search console, then you have to click on the “Add/Test Sitemap” button which is present on the right side of the image represented with an arrow.

Search console

The above image gives the abstract of XML sitemap which is helpful to check that all the pages in your sitemap have been indexed by Google. You just have to ensure that your submitted and indexed sitemap should have the common figure. Checking all these things, you can save your website from any kind of error and fix them to make your website more accessible.

Now, Create XML Sitemap for your website to be more search engine friendly..!!

XML sitemap plays an important role in indexing your website on the search engine and it is suggested to create an XML sitemap for your website and submit it to the search engines. This will definitely help your website to improve its ranking on the search engine result page. Are you looking for the best SEO services for your website? We at NarmadaTech have immense experience in handling different types of SEO projects of different industries. We have the best and most talented SEO experts with us who are aware of all the SEO strategies and keep themselves updated with the evolving search engine optimization trends.