Know The Types Of YouTube Cards And How To Use Them

Have you not yet started using YouTube cards to boost your YouTube promotion efforts? YouTube cards can be considered as the best solution to drive actionable outcomes from your video content. They allow you to add many other visual components that make your YouTube videos more interactive.

Using YouTube cards is the best way to analyze the performance through YouTube analytics and boost your YouTube promotion tactics. With the help of these cards, you can create and promote multiple things within your video while attracting more and more customers.

  • Video Cards: You can use these cards by simply providing the link to another video. They can encourage viewers to watch another video related to it and spend more time on your channel.
  • Associate Website Cards: Your viewers, whether they reached you directly via your website or any other associated URL, you can convert them to your customers by using associate website cards. These cards consist of a custom title, thumbnail picture as well as call-to-action.
  • Fundraising Cards: Using fundraising YouTube cards helps you to link a fundraising page directly through a suitable title and thumbnail image. This will be more effective and fruitful when you want to promote a fundraising project.
  • Merchandising Cards: These cards are used to sell out any specific product through a title, picture, and call-to-action. This will also provide financial support to your YouTube channel and boost your YouTube promotional efforts.

How to make use of these YouTube interactive cards to your videos?

  • Navigate your video list from the drop-down menu placed under the Edit button.
  • Choose the card type on the editor screen
  • Enter the valid URL for the card you have chosen
  • Select a suitable image and upload it for the card thumbnail
  • Now add your call to action, title and custom teaser text
  • Adjust the timer for the video teaser to appear.

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