NarmadaTech Solutions Featured on Clutch for Top Digital Marketing

We live in a world where about 6,000 new apps are released every day on the Google Play Store, about 380 new websites are created every minute, and a new user is added to social media every 6 seconds. Our clients want to enter and be competitive in this world, and that’s where we come in. We provide services that allow our clients to thrive in the complicated landscape that is the internet. 

Due to the competitive nature of this world, we appreciate our clients choosing us to create their software. We try our best to achieve our client’s goals’ and to maximize client retention. Our version of a “good job” comes through reviews and feedback our clients leave us on our Clutch profile. 

Clutch is a reviews and ratings website that helps businesses find their perfect solution provider. NarmadaTech Solutions is featured on Clutch as top-rated companies for digital marketing in India. 

One of our long-standing clients is a digital agency that does product, web, and marketing development. They’ve been working with us for a few years now as they outsource some of their work to us. The client has been satisfied with our work ethic over the years, and we thank them for leaving a review on our profile!

We believe communication is the key to success. Our clients need to trust us to develop their software, and we want them to be updated at every turn to ensure the development of the best possible software. 

“We use Trello, Slack, Skype, and email. It’s really effective because they keep everything updated.”  – Owner, Digital Media Firm

Another one of our clients was a project manager at a cricket gaming company. They enlisted us to develop their website and build the site’s user interface, database, and an integrated payment gateway system. Since the company was in Australia, we worked hard to ensure our communication was timely and delivery was perfect.













Our whole philosophy is to be as present as we can for our client. We are glad to see that they noticed our dedication and appreciated it!

“They are problem solvers. With any digital project, something always goes wrong, at least in my experience. This was no problem for these guys. When faced with an issue they worked the extra pace to problem solve it.” — Project Manager, Cricket Gaming Company

Our clients can also observe our profile on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, a business know-how website that conducts review-focused evaluations, which featured us under the top 50 full-service digital agencies in India.

We would like to take a moment to thank our clients for working with us. It is a true pleasure to build your software. Our team loves the moment when a client receives their software and tests it out for the first time; the excitement and the joy is why we do what we do.

It’s important for us to realize that in this industry, about 60% of small businesses invest in a website. Why don’t you? Email us today!


Why Corporate Websites Have a Paramount Importance in Different Businesses?

Do you want to beat your competition shortly while getting more business online?  If you do, then start focusing on the corporate website design of your business. Don’t have a corporate website yet? Oh! So, you are missing out on potential business. Well, there are many companies that offer top-of-the-line corporate web design services, you can avail services from the reliable one and leverage you need.

Many companies across the world started focusing on the “look & feel” of their website design while adding more features for providing something of value to their potential clients. Regardless of the business type or size, having a responsive and feature-rich website plays a significant role in improving the brand visibility and credibility of your business. Listed below are some businesses that should not deny the importance and benefits of corporate websites:

  • Real Estate: When it comes to the real estate websites, it is important to have a responsive, actionable and elegant website that attract your potential customers. The corporate websites for real estate business should be presentable and allow you to talk about your brand. It should have proper menu for property listings, listings for groups, agents and brokerages.
  • Restaurant Business: When you own restaurant business, having a completely responsive and well-designed corporate website helps you grab more popularity that ultimately improve your sales. A well-presented menu, online booking, gift card purchasing are some features that give quality and hassle-free experience to your website.
  • Healthcare Practice: Corporate website plays a significant role when you own healthcare business. You can provide concise information about your clinic, specialization, location etc. through this digital medium. Adding photographs of your healthcare websites can give a feeling of assurance to parents as well as children.
  • Automotive Business: Having a well-functional and featured website is also useful for automotive business as you can use the website’s homepage as a storefront and provide information about the products or services you sell. This helps you people find you online and browse your products.
  • Fashion Brand: With the ever-growing fashion & beauty trends, many people are owning a fashion or salon business, thus the demand for a corporate website for fashion business is also increasing. Having a well-designed website with cool gallery, online booking system, loyalty program, and engaging blogs can add more value to your business.

Concluding this, having a corporate website for any of these businesses help you to generate more sales and flourish. NarmadaTech is known for offering the best and cost-effective corporate website design services that sets you apart from your competitors. Apart from these businesses, their team of web designers can also create an amazing website for law firms and travel agencies with the great level of perfection.


Why To Choose AngularJS To Develop Your Next Website Application?

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine the custom development of dynamic and interactive single page website applications without making use of AngularJS. The reason behind that is its great versatility and easy to access features which makes it the most effective code tool to ensure the job done for angular js development in the right way.

What is AngularJS?

Basically, AngularJS is a JavaScript and open source front-end framework which is created by Google to build modern web applications. It helps developers to deal with several challenges by just making simple integration of a variety of HTML codes. With the number of compelling features such as RESTful API handling, two-way binding, AJAX handling, modularization and so on. Developers can use HTML as a template language and convey the application components easily. Also, they don’t need to depend on other third-party libraries while using AngularJS.

How Using AngularJS for Your Web App Can Benefit You?

  • User Interface:This framework helps an angular developer to build lightweight apps and creates the best user interface using HTML for web application users.
  • Modularity: When it comes to developing responsive web apps using modules, AngularJS shines first as it offers better flexibility, architecture and functionality.
  • SPA Features: AngularJS has various SPA (Single Page Application) features that make it simple to create as well as control online forms.
  • Architecture: Well, AngularJS splits mobile application in the MVC architecture as it is important to develop web applications which correspond to mobile applications.
  • Testing: Using AngularJS is the best approach for web development as developers can easily find code defects and errors that help in finishing the project in less time.
  • Speed: With easy testing and MVC architecture, projects can easily be completed and delivered by developers with higher speeds.

If you are wondering why people say JavaScript is the best and flexible language across the world, then it is time to try AngularJS now and reap its incredible benefits. Well, NarmadaTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in delivering you the top-class web applications AngularJS. We have a team of expert web developers that knows each and every aspect related to AngularJS and provide you the solution that matches the best to your unique requirements for your next project. With quality AngularJS web development, innovative technologies and remarkable customer support, we have built a loyal customer base.


Celebrate This Christmas to The Fullest with Exhilarating Offers of NarmadaTech

As the sound of Christmas bells is becoming louder day by day, there is a huge rush among businesses to grab the hot deals over various technological services. If you also own an IT business and looking for the best-discounted Christmas offers and deals, then stay calm, you have come to the right page!

We, the dedicated team of NarmadaTech welcomes the auspicious occasion of Christmas and adds more value to this festive season by delivering you with 25% off on all our IT services and solutions. Sounds Amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Just make an advanced booking for your next project for responsive web design and development, user- friendly mobile app development and remarkable digital marketing services and what not.

Being a reputable provider of top-notch web design, mobile app development and digital marketing services, we always strive to match your expectations in terms of quality, timely support and unbeatable customer services. Our experts understand your vision, make a relevant plan and deliver your project successfully. Their years of expertise, in-depth knowledge and dedication are the reasons that made them built a loyal customer base.

We are offering a 25% discount on all our services, including-

  • Web Design and Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • HRM Software Development
  • CRM Software Development
  • ERP Software Development
  • Accounting Software Development
  • IT Security Solutions
  • Social Analytics Services
  • Digital Marketing

Searching for the best IT service provider and digital marketing company is not that easier as it seems, but here we, at NarmadaTech, assure you that your expectations are fulfilled and you don’t have to compromise with the quality when you opt for our Christmas deals. Keep a note that these offers are available till 31st Dec 2018, so don’t be late. Our team would happy to serve you with our remarkable services using the latest technology and software systems.
Thus, just make a profitable deal with us and enjoy this Christmas to the fullest by getting our Exciting Offers and deals.


How To Build One Page Website?

In this fast-paced world, everybody wants to save their time by simplifying the features and mechanisms of their resources. When it comes to the business world, many companies are using one page website which is also known as parallax scrolling website. With the help of these websites, it becomes easier to deliver mobile-friendly and hassle-free experience to users as they don’t need to click in various pages to access different sort of information. Most importantly, single page websites require minimum resources, provide smooth surfing and work well across different devices.

Well, single page website looks sleek as well as professional that allows users to have simplified navigation. With the advancement in technology in the field of web designing, developers and designers have a plethora of options as frameworks that are used to build a one page website for you with classy images and informative contents.

Here are the steps to build a one page website for your business-

  • Create The Website: Initially, you have to create the website from scratch while choosing the best frameworks and technology to ensure the user-friendly interface.
  • Select The Template: Now, you should select the template that meets your objectives. You can use a template with a search menu at the top.
  • Remove The Extra Content: When you are going to build a simple one page website, remove the extra content written on the homepage, remove the logo and related elements to rename the homepage and adding your elements.
  • Set Header Text and Upload the Logo: Now you have to add a tagline that fulfills your objectives to set header text and go ahead to upload your brand logo.
  • Add Your Content: Now the next step is creating each section of the page, for instance:  About, Products, Services, Contact and Location. As the aesthetic of a one page website has a core value, you didn’t have to add so much content on that.
  • Do On-Page Navigation: As this is a single page website, you need to hack the navigation menu using anchor links in order to scroll down the navigation links to the suitable sections rather than open to the new pages.

After following these steps, you have to add certain final touches to give a great look to your website while delivering a better experience to your visitors. If you found this blog interesting and seeking the same suggestions for your business to build a single page website, then you can contact our skilled web designers at NarmadaTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology and tools to exceed your expectations for an eye-catchy single page website.



Top 5 Intuitive Website Designing Trends We Saw in 2018

Have you ever wondered why a good website design is important and how it is linked with the credibility of your business? Well, apart from easy-to-navigate, look and feel of your website, proper designing plays a crucial role to represent your brand effectively in front of your targeted audience. You can attract your audience every year by following the latest web design trends in terms of algorithm updates, visuals and best practices. Even a modish or sleek looking website goes outdated after few months, that’s the reason, knowing the difference between a passing fad and industry’s trend is important when it comes to website designing.

Here are Top 5 Intuitive Website Designing Trends We Saw in 2018:

  • Animation: With the increased demand of animated emojis after the release of Apple’s iPhone X, there are many brands that prefer to use subtle animations in their logo design to grab user attention. This popularity allowed us to expect these moving visuals across the websites in 2018.
  • Ultra-Clean Layouts: You may have seen various clean layouts that can translate from desktop to mobile easily. Usually, simple websites with clean layouts come with the faster loading time, that also support the new higher demanding and interactive interfaces.
  • Machine Learning: There is no doubt that machine learning is growing to the new exponential levels as
    web design trends 2018.
    With the advancements in its features for web designing, it becomes quite easier to have seamless interactions while allowing your customers to access your website and shop with ease.
  • Virtual Reality: Nowadays, virtual reality is grabbing so much popularity in different businesses, especially in the field of web designing. Using VR allows you to make a great image of your brand among your customers that you are ahead of the trend. VR helps your users to have virtual interaction with your business in a seamless manner.
  • Bold Typography: Typography is a timeless trend web designing, most of the designers pay attention to detail towards typography to optimize the overall design while improving the usability. It is easier to create unique visual balance and contrast by using superimposed typefaces on broken layouts and stock photography.

Apart from this, there are many more trends that have made and will persist during 2018 and the upcoming years. If you also want to implement these trends to have the most amazing eCommerce web design, you should opt for the web design services from the leading IT company, NarmadaTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We are expert in delivering the best-in-class and cost-effective web designing solution for your brand.



How Cloud Accounting Software Is Making A Difference In Your Business

Running a business in this competitive era has become a complicated task. When it’s about maintaining the whole accounting part of your organization then obviously it’s a complex job. If you are aiming to run your organization smoothly then make use of cloud accounting application and get all the benefits that are attached to it. If you are also thinking to adopt the cloud-based accounting application to run your enterprise accounting department smoothly, then just have a look at the top benefits of cloud accounting application.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Cloud accounting application has a user-friendly, an easy to set-up and manageable interface. It helps all the businessmen to manage everything by themselves even if they are not much aware of all the accounting area. If you also want the best cloud accounting services, then you must contact the leading cloud accounting application development company. It will help your business to keep the accounts part systematic and without any errors.

  • High Security

Security is the biggest concern when it comes about accounting for any business owner. But with the use of the best accounting system, you can face a safe and simple accounting management part of your organization. Having full essence of a cloud-based accounting application, you can enhance the security measures while managing the complex accounts part. In case, your computer crashes or in the worse condition it is hacked, the whole legal and important data will be saved on the cloud server securely. No need to worry as no data will be stored on the local computer.

  • Time Saving Application

The cloud-based accounting application helps in saving your lot of time as well as money by performing effectively. This application has the ability to generate invoices and set reminders for getting proper updates on any type of emergency situations. The whole accounting process occurs very fast and in an easy manner with the use of cloud accounting application. All types of manual accounting work are really hard and complex to manage and requires a lot of manpower. But with the help of cloud accounting application, you can save your manpower as well as get accurate result and management of your accounting with full ease.

  • Access From Anywhere

The cloud-based solutions are playing a vital role in managing the ever-growing remote work. That’s why more and more business owners are adopting the cloud-based accounting application for the ease and speedy work management. You will get a chance to manage your accounts part easily and avoid all the complex and legal part that will be managed by the software itself.

Stay updated in this growing technology-based world and keep your business in the top position by making use of all such technologies. At Narmadatech, we are doing a fantastic job in building the custom cloud-based accounting application to suit clients’ business needs.


Struggling With Powerful Cyber-Attacks? Find The Best IT Security Solutions

These days, many companies are becoming a victim of cyber-attacks, which is an offensive action that targets infrastructures, personal computers, computer information systems, and computer networks. with the help of cyber-attacks, hackers or intruders can steal, destroy or change your confidential data or information systems. As cyber-attacks are becoming more extensive and complicated, it is invincible for companies, regardless of the industry type, size, and location. Not only businesses, many public infrastructures such as airports and hospitals also become a victim of such string cyber-attacks.

To safeguard your business from any hacks, cyber-attacks or any unauthorized access, you should have proper information security management and clear understanding of the types of cyber threats that are limiting you to ensure the security of your data, assets or the entire business. In such a scenario, it is absolutely important for you to have proper IT security measures. If you ignore it, you may lose your sensitive data or the years of efforts and time given by your team on that projects.

Here are the common cyber threats that may put your business into the big risk:


  • IP Spoofing: IP Spoofing is also a common tactic used by attackers to convince the system that it is accessed by a trusted, known entity. The attackers send a packet along with the IP address of a known host instead of sending its own IP source address to act on it.
  • Phishing Attacks: Phishing attacks is one of the common types of cyber threats that are untargeted. In phishing attacks, mass mailing is done to multiple recipients in order to acquire confidential information such as bank details, username, password etc. and for that IT security is important.
  • Weak Credentials: Reusing same credentials on multiple systems makes it simple for hackers or cyber attackers to enter in your infrastructure. Thus, it is always recommended to use strong passwords or credentials to save your assets from being misused or reused.
  • DoS (Denial of Service): These cyber threats happen when a hacker drive traffic on the website more than its capacity. This resulted to costly downtime of users or employees. Attackers use a botnet in DoS that make it daunting to distinguish between malicious and normal traffic.

Some ways to protect your business from cyber threats 

cyber security

NarmadaTech is a one-stop-source to find the best and cost-effective IT security solutions that help you prevent your systems from any hacks, malware, DoS, IP spoofing and viruses. Our IT security solutions will provide different features and accessibility such as automatic notifications, multi-app security, real-time scanning and application activity auditing. Our experts possess years of experience and knowledge to develop user-friendly applications that make your life easier.


4 Things You Should Consider While Developing CRM Application For Your Business

Do you want to generate huge revenue for your business while improving customer relationships? If yes, then implementing CRM application at your workplace can meet all your expectations and save your resources, business time and significantly improve your customer service. These days, more and more businesses are deploying CRM application to manage and ensure the security of customers’ personal data.

One of the best advantages of using CRM application in your business is that it helps in improving your business relations with clients and that is the sure indicator of the growth of a company, regardless of the company’s size and type. You can easily build brand loyalty when you make your customers feel valued, respond to their queries and provide them 24/7 support by using CRM application.


How CRM application helps?

CRM application

How to develop CRM strategies for your business?

  • Set Business Goals: Your first step in implementing a CRM strategy framework is to set business goals. Once you identify them, you can easily reach your objectives and ensure increased revenue by a higher percentage every year.
  • Involve Your Employees: Involve your employee in every strategic process of implementing CRM application in your business as they know very well about how to organize customers’ data while integrating new technologies and policies.
  • Track Your Customers: Making a proper CRM strategy makes it possible for businesses to track all the data at each and every stage of the journey of your customers. This will help you to have a clear understanding of what your customer wants and their expectations from your services that match those expectations.
  • List Your Requirements: You should list your requirements that can be fulfilled by a highly-featured CRM application. You should also determine the difference by getting the solutions for your existing problems. This will be the answer for all the CRM strategies for your business.


For businesses, whether a startup or well-established company, implementing CRM application is beneficial for a long-term. We, at NarmadaTech holds years of expertise and knowledge in delivering CRM solutions for all sort of your business. We provide CRM consultation, integration & implementation, extensions, migration and managed services that exceed all your expectations for top-quality CRM application.

Opting for our CRM solutions allows you to get benefit from improved sales performance, enhanced team communication, improved data security, reporting as well as analytical data. Apart from CRM application, our skilled team can also build ERP, HRM, Accounting, social analytics and security solutions at pocket-friendly prices.