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I am Mark.

Hi there. I’m Mark Johnson. I’m having 15 years of experience as a professional Full Stack developer, I know Python, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and now work as Data Scientist. Narmadatech has guided me in every stage of my development as a coder, programmer, planner & overall IT -tech person. They are the best caretaker of your complete knowledge, skill set, and career.

Training, Learning, and Development

We have taken thousands of interviews over the past 11 years, we have realized the Huge Gap between the practical & theoretical knowledge of students at the time of interview. Students who even after completing a high degree course like MCA, MBA are unable to find jobs due to a lack of updated and practical knowledge of the subject. Therefore to help them, we have started Training and development learning modules, where we teach the exact knowledge required to sustain and survive in the Industry.

Become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs

Narmadatech will teach Various Skills that is important in IT Industry, we do Gap Analysis & give latest technological know-how.

Become Python Developer

Learn Python, the High-level Language, and enter into the field of AI, Machine Learning, and Data analysis. Become Data scientist

Become SEO Expert

Learn keyword research, link building, On-page SEO, off-Page SEO, google console, Google Adwords, Affiliate Marketing, Learn PPC

Become Q.A Testor

Learn Regression & Negative Testing, Testing Automation, SQA Testing, and Methodologies, Scripting & Documentation

Become Web designer

Learn Bootstrap, responsive web development, WordPress, Shopify, Joomla. Learn how to build a website in eCommerce, corporate, job.

Become H.R Expert

Learn how to create a salary sheet, PF, ESCI, learn recruitment, inductions, Verbal soft skills, networking, sourcing candidates

Become IT Sales Expert

Learn how to get IT projects, send emails, how to bid on freelancer, Upwork, how to close the deal, how to use CRM like Zoho