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What Is the Psychology Of Colors In Marketing And Promotion?

In this ocean of marketing, colors are the emotional cue that sets you apart from your competitors. It attracts your audience towards what they like to see, what they want to feel and what they want to shop for. Whether it is about your logo, banner or website, poor choice of colors can change the impact of your message.  Making the right choice of colors in advertising help you to resonate with your target audience and allow them to engage in your marketing.

Psychologists say that colors are tied to different emotions and indicate particular actions. you can choose different colors and see how color can give impact on people’s decisions and behavior psychologically, it has been estimated by a survey that approximately 93% of buyers focus on the visual appearance of any website for shopping.

Importance of colors in branding

Branding is one of the important concern related to the perception of colors and there are myriads of attempts to classify the behavior of consumer for different colors. But the reality is that the color choice depends on the personal experiences like you feel relaxed automatically when you walk into a cool colored room. This is because of the color impact on your mood. Well, different colors create an individual reaction to individuals and it is important to understand the effect of colors on moods to get the right reactions from the target audience in the world of marketing and advertising. Below is the meaning of colors and the reactions of individual colors.

colors colors What Is the Psychology Of Colors In Marketing And Promotion? colors1

How to influence your targeted audience through suitable colors?

  • Blue: Blue color is associated with reliability and tranquility and peace, that is the reason, most of the brands use this color in order to promote trust among their customers for their products and services.
  • Red:As red color indicates urgency; it can lead to sales clearance and considered as one of the best colors for food marketing. It can be used by different food-chain restaurants as it encourages appetite, excitement, and passion.
  • Green: Green color is associated with health, nature, healing, and environment, thus it can be considered as the best color to bring positivity around you. If your business is related to the health sector or environmental field, then you can use green color in your logo design and website development to add more value.
  • White: White color creates a sense of simplicity, neutrality, independence and impartiality, which has the great psychological meaning. White color has a powerful impact where hygiene and sanitation is of paramount importance, such as medical centres. This creates a caring and calm atmosphere for patients.
  • Purple: Purple is the one of the most loving colors that is associated with wisdom, respect and royalty. It also stimulates creativity and problem-solving, thus it can be frequently used to promote beauty and skin-care products.
  • Black: Black color gives a feeling of sophistication and class, thus most of the luxury brands across the world make use of it and attract their targeted customers.
  • Yellow and Orange: Yellow and orange are cheerful colors that promote optimism and energy. These colors also trigger a sense of caution, thus they can have used in the advertisement of heath drinks and personal care products.  Using these colors can also help in attracting impulse buyers as well as window shoppers.

Color Preferences by Gender

Another interesting investigation about this topic is gender specific color preferences. The cultural perception plays a vital role in dictating the appropriateness of color for male or female gender, which influences the individual choices. Gone are the days when blue was associated with boys and pink was associated with girls. Below data showcase clear preferences in color across different gender.

gender preferences colors What Is the Psychology Of Colors In Marketing And Promotion? men n women

Well, colors can be considered as the most amazing tool for marketing that appeals greatly to the visual senses of your customers. Numerous studies have found that every color has its own effects on the psychology of customers. Whether it is about website designing, logo designing, graphic designing or creating infographics, colors can add a great value to your website. But, it is absolutely vital to choose the best team of developers and designers having extensive knowledge about impact of color on marketing.

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